Vigilantes against terrorism in Southern-Russia

In a small state of the Russian Federation called Kabardino-Balkaria was established a civilian group of counter-terrorism against a radical islamic branch called Wahhabism.

Their activity was first detected a month ago when they released some video messages and violent actions were taken against the families of the suspected terrorists. The group named itself „Black Hawks”.

Up til now the terrorists exploded bombs at the area and murdered three Moscow tourists. In a Ren-TV interview with his face covered and voice altered, Black Hawks spokesman said that they should taste their own medicine to know how painful it is. He also said although locals don’t support wahhabist crimes like collecting money from businessmen neither, but that’s not the cause the Back Hawks are arming: they oblige themselves to do something against killing their innocent children.

The anti-terrorist group consists of „ordinary republican residents” as they say, but there are a majority of relatives of slain police officers ready to fight against the „forest brothers”, as they call the terrorists.

The locals feel encouraged themselves to kill the families of the supposed-to-be terrorsists because „they are aware that their relatives were fighting with the militants usually for the money, not their faith.”

These actions involve a Molotov coctail attack against the house of Astemir Mamishev: no injuries were reported and a written threat from the Black Hawks was found nearby. The targeted man is on the run now according to local news web site Kazkazsky Uzel.

Later in February, grenades went off near houses owned by the families of Mamyshev and another suspected militant accused of murder, Aznaparukh Samayev. No group took credit for the attacks, in which no one was hurt.

The group was accused by Kasav Center web site that they really are law enforcement officers to terrorize the muslims. They haven’t got evidence for that statement, but that method is not unknown for russian authorities: in the past they are reportedly have detained family members of suspected militants forcing them to surrender. Security analyst Andrei Soldatov expressed his doubt: he claimed that it’s not like the Federal Security Service to create informal organizations.
Anyway it’s interesting that the leader of this state, Asen Kanokov announced just before the Black Hawk’s first appearances that it’s time to call to life an civilian organization for safety. With this he was reflecting to the terrorist acts before: the tourist killings, and attacks against an FSB-owned sanatorium and traffic checkpoints.


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