United Russia Losing Power

Most people familiar with Russia, understand the theme of a strong
central state where its uncommon to speak poorly of the authorities.
Although Putin still remains the central figurehead of the Russian people,
and remains quite popular, cracks are beginning to appear in the political
foundation of his party, “United Russia.” In Sunday’s regional elections,
the Russian’s ruling party United Russia had lackluster results, leaving
analysts in doubt about what could happened in the decisive elections for
the Duma State which will be held in December.

According to preliminary results realized on Monday, 3,300 citizens from
74 regions where the elections have been held attended the elections.
The ruling party had less the half of the population, with an average of
46 percent. It was remarkable that support for United Russian was below

50 percent in seven of the regions and below 40 percent in two. Some analysts
consider that rising prices and unemployment were the reason of strengthening
the hand of the opposition.

The one highlight for united Russia was in Chukotka, where United
Russia won 71% of the vote. There were rumors however, that voters
were enticed to vote by being offered free tickets to a pop concert later
in the day. A couple notable high worth individuals won elections running
independently. Including Roman Abramovich, who was also elected in the
Chukoka legislature with a remarkable 92% of the vote. Abramovich a
former politician from the area is remembered fondly by the voters for
numerous generous investments he made in the arctic region. Alexander
Lebedev also an independent billionaire candidate was elected as a
lawmaker to the Kirov region legislature.

United Russia only gathered 36.7% of the vote in the Kirov region,
however it will maintain control of the legislature due to the system
of voting for single mandate constituencies. Another region where
United Russia is losing support is Tver, where they gathered just
39.8% of the vote in this current election. Previously in 2007 they
obtained 59% of the vote.

According to all the results the prime misters of Russia and head of United
Russia party, Vladimi
r Putin said, that the election’s results were “more

than satisfactory for United Russia members and have demonstrated Russians’
confidence in the authorities.”

“The party scored sweeping victories in all regions where elections were held

and has strengthened its positions. “Although many people are tired and they
have to overcome everyday difficulties, they reacted positively to the results of
the authorities’ activities, and by voting in this way, they have expressed hope
that the situation will see change”, said Putin in Tomsk on Monday.
Ultimately, the elections were pretty calm, with no major
interruptions reported, however Golos, Russia’s independent election
watchdog, reported receiving a record number of complaints on its

In the end, the communist party, and A Just Russia gained more of the
popular vote in this latest set of regional elections, however Putin
still remains very popular in Russia. United Russia will try its
hardest to feature Putin in the State Duma elections which will be
held in December.

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