Car’s bombing and Pakistan’s situation

A bomb car exploded in the district of Hangu, province of north-west, and killed five civilians nearby.

Hangu is located in a Federally Administrated Tribal Area, that has suffered continuously attacks, and this has been the last one.  All of these occurred in Doaba, a city with a large number of militant’s attacks, located over 18 miles away from Hangu. This is not the only regions that has suffered this kind of damage, as some report told, the Pakistani Taliban hide really close to the Orakazai region, and that’s where they plain the majority of the attacks. As another example of these attacks, at the beginning of this month, three policemen and a civilian were injured in another explosion in Hangu.

Last Friday, government’s paramilitary forces received and were attacked by a Taliban group in a border area. These kinds of attacks is what creates all the little quarrels and conflicts between militants and the Pakistan army, but it is also what makes them being in constant alert. For example, there has been recently a surprised attack from the militants against the military nearby Mohmand Agency (district in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, created in 1951) and as some members of the military declared “we weren’t expecting any attack, and of course of that magnitude”. This is also taken as “opportunities” to renew the strategic and offensive plans and make other military forces around (like the USA army) to keep their heads up and pay attention to what’s always happening in this kind of highly conflictive areas.

Although it was supposed to explode in the police station, it failed because of the security barricades, but it killed 25 people, including a member of the police corp and some civilians. As the chief of the Hangu police, Rashid Khan said “The car crashed against the police station causing the demolition of part of the building and damaging at least 10 houses nearby”.  Usually, the police and paramilitary troops are the main objective of the militants, and due to their failures, the number of civilians is slowly increasing, including women and children.


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