Thailand and Cambodia fragile ceasefire

Thailand and Cambodia ceasefireIn the countries of Thailand and Cambodia, a ceasefire has been agreed after a week of confrontation due to a border dispute. These confrontations have stopped thanks to the coming elections of the Thai government.

Both countries pointed out that a peaceful solution was needed and said: “border checkpoints will be re-opened and villagers will start to return home”, this is what Thai government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn remarked. This fact was achieved thanks to the UN Secretary General, Mr Ban, that remarked, this conflict could have never been resolved without a “serious dialogue” between both sides.

 These confrontations started a long time ago, because the Thai-Cambodian border hasn´t been officially distinguished, so nationalists of both sides eventually clashed over the territory. These struggles took place again on the 22nd of April in a more violent way using heavy weapons and artillery fire around the temples of Ta Krabey and Preah Vihear, leaving more than a dozen deaths including one civilian.

Thai army spokesman told “We could not stay still and allow them to attack. We had to counter responsively”.  Due to this non-stop attacks, the Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa, chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) called of the schedule to arrange dialogues between both sides.

In order to sight a solution, both countries blamed each other. On one hand Cambodia, emphasizes the entrance of the Thai soldiers in their territory, killing three Cambodian soldiers and wounding six. On the other hand, Thailand asserts that they were making their routine patrol when the Cambodian sent the first shoot. As a result of this different ideas, those clashes support what Mr Ban said adding the fragile ceasefire that has been agreed.

As a consequence of the colonialism, the Temple Preah Vihear, that was given to Camodia in 1962 by the International  Court of Justice. The thailands didn´t accept these mandate. The temple has its importance as it is a religious symbol of the Jemer Kingdom since the XI century. It is also considered as a World Heritage by the UNESCO and due to the weight of all of this, the countries keep on fighting.


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