China´s military expenditure increases

Military presence in China

The government of China has declared recently its beliefs of the USA increasing its military presence in the Asia Pacific region. This communication comes after the rumors of rising operations directed against China.

Some days ago, a Chinese white paper was leaked, in which a gloomy evaluation of the regional security was given. “Profound changes are taking shape in the Asia-Pacific strategic landscape. Relevant major powers are increasing their strategic investment, International military competition remains fierce”, the white paper says.

The military relations between China and the USA have been really tense during the recent years, and still are as the USA is increasing its military alliances and its involvement in regional Asian affairs. China defends itself saying that People’s Liberation Army (China’s main armed forced) will be always there to shelter the country against any kind of danger, but China it said to have a strategy of “attacking only after being attacked”.

In 2011, China is to increase by 12.7% its defence budget because of these tensions. Officials said it would rise from 532.1bn Yuan to 601.1 billion Yuan ($91.4bn). In the past years, China has been building up its military power.

For example, in 2010 the defence budget was increased by 7.5%. Li Zhaoxing, the parliamentary spokesman, said that China is no hazard and that the increase is justified. “Chinas defence spending is relatively low by world standards,” Mr Li stated. And he added, “China has always paid attention to restraining defence spending”

Many observers say that the real expenditure of China in security issues is far higher than what they report. Though Beijing claims that it is a peaceful modernization, its neighbours feel uncomfortable with China, as it is becoming more assertive as this “modernization” takes place. Diplomatic relations between China and Japan are becoming tense: there are conflicts of interests over islands that have a large amount of gas and oil reserves in the East China Sea.

About this matter, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary declared “China’s modernisation of its military and increased activity is, along with insufficient transparency, a matter of concern,” It is also very important the sovereignty over the South China Sea, because it supposedly has energetic deposits, and these waters are vital for China as the 80% of their energy imports enter the country through them.


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