Bin Laden is dead

According to Agência Brasil, the death of the leader and founder of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, could transform into a myth generating a struggle for control of leadership left by him, and intensify the world fight against terrorism, say specialists.  For them, there is also space for Brazil to stand in this debate in defense of terrorism and in search of peaceful settlements without the use of actions contrary to human rights, including torture.

Bin Laden was killed on Sunday by American special forces in a mansion where he lived with his family, about 100 km. from the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. The leader’s body was thrown overboard at sea, but the U.S. authorities ensure that a DNA test confirmed the identity of the founder of Al Qaeda. Professor Nilton Cesar Flores, teacher at Universidade Federal  Fluminense (UFF), said it was time for countries to take a stand on combating terrorism. In the case of Brazil, this is the opportunity to integrate into the international debate. “Brazil has to observe the situation and look for loopholes to defend his agenda, which is perhaps different from the American agenda,” he said.

In foreign policy, the Brazilian government has often reiterated his defense of human rights and consolidation of democratic instruments. For Carlos Eduardo Vidigal, a professor at Universidade de Brasilia, the current trend is to construct a myth about Bin Laden. “It’s hard to imagine the result would be negative or positive, but it is likely that we have to construct a myth about Bin Laden that will echo for decades to come,” said Vidigal.

In an official announcement, Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos congratulated the president of the United States and its security forces for the operation, which ended with the death of Bin Laden. “This is an important and decisive strike to global terrorism. It proves once again that terrorists, sooner or later, always fall. In the global fight against terrorism there is only one way: to persevere, persevere, persevere,” he said.

The President of Chile, Miguel Juan Sebastian Piñera Echenque, offered a similar opinion about Bin Laden’s death: “Terrorism is also an enemy of every kind of freedom, including freedom of expression. Terrorism as expressed by Al Qaeda, is powerful, formidable and cruel enemy, one which stops at nothing, even the lives of innocent women and children.”

He added: “I am pleased that yesterday the whole world saw that, although late in coming, justice has been done, and that crimes committed against innocent people across the world will not go unpunished.”

The president revealed that “Yesterday, I had the opportunity to express to President Obama our commitment to the ongoing fight against organized crime, terrorism and evil in modern society.”

Finally, he emphasized that “Just as the defense of freedom, democracy and human rights crosses all borders, so too does the fight against organized crime and terrorism.”

Following is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s statement in New York today following the news of Osama bin Laden’s death:

“The death of Osama bin Laden, announced by President Obama last night, is a watershed moment in our common global fight against terrorism.  The crimes of Al-Qaida touched most continents, bringing tragedy and loss of life to thousands of men, women and children.

The United Nations condemns in the strongest possible terms terrorism in all its forms, regardless of its purpose and wherever it is committed.  This is a day to remember for the victims and families of victims, here in the United States and everywhere in the world.  The United Nations will continue to fight against terrorism and will lead this campaign to fight against terrorism.

Personally, I am very much relieved by the news that justice has been done to such a mastermind of international terrorism.  I would like to commend the work and the determined and principled commitment of many people in the world who have been struggling to eradicate international terrorism.

The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a global counter-terrorism strategy, and on the basis of that, we will continue to work together with Member States of the United Nations to completely eradicate global terrorism.”


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