Pacific Agreement to be signed

As April 2011 is coming to an end, a new agreement, that may change the actual scenario is prepared to be signed today, the 28th.

Peruvian President Alan García, together with Colombian Juan Manoel Santos, Mexican Felipe Calderón and Chilean Sebastián Piñera, will held today the Lima Summit for Deep Integration and the heads of these states are expected to sign the creation of this new economic association, so called Pacific Agreement.

This new agreement is intended to lead new polices to improve productive and service sectors as well as the circulation of people between the signers of this agreement, looking forward to new markets, especially the Asian one.

“This agreement will improve the 5 billion dollars that these nations trade yearly,” said Eduardo Ferreyros, Peruvian Minister for International trade.

The freedom of trade, services and investments, the free flow of people between the nations are the main goals of this agreement, besides that, cooperation will be bigger in areas such as the fight against the drug dealing in the region, cooperation between the Police Forces to avoid crime and efforts to stop money laundering.

This is the first time that these nations are together in as agreement that intend to be so powerful and important. Peru and Colombia are together on these attempts since the Andean Pact, organization that didn’t succeed as well as it was intended.

The Pacific Agreement is a way, found by these countries, to try to guarantee a place on the crescent global market, specially the Asian, as Mr. Ferreyros mentioned. Some specialists are stating that this new bloc might be a way found to have a chance against other competitors that already have bigger structures and a better place on the market. Brazil is, for sure, the biggest adversary of these countries and they are clearly fighting to defeat the 7th economy of the world, and the biggest economy of the region.

Mexico, the country that had everything to be a big economy lost its way during history, specially with the dependence on the Unite States, that was let to be created by past governments.

Peru, is passing trough a presidential election, and is struggling to keep the economical and social changes that are taking place right now on the country. Colombia still fighting the problems with drug dealing and the guerrilla on their territory. Chile is the most prepared and developed one in the group, and has every chance to become the leader of this group.


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