All eyes are on Libya today

The political strife which started in Tunisia and spread to Egypt is now not only affecting Libya but also the rest of the world. The riots have caused that the prices of oil have reached another peak and the world fears that the prices will continue to skyrockets. The Middle East, as one of the biggest oil exporters has the power to cause another economical crisis. It is also said that the prices of any row materials such as steel and gold will increase.

Due to the reason that the riots have caused many dead people as well as fear in the country but also all around the world, Canadian companies are worried about the safety of their employees in Libya. Therefore the Canadian Oil and gas titan Suncor Energy was the first Canadian company which decided to escort their people out of the country back to Canada. Furthermore they have decided to suspend all of their running projects.

But a big concern is that Gadhafi and his followers are trying to isolate Libya from the rest of the world e.g. cutting off their internet connection. He has announced that he will not stop resigning from his power unless the world press will quit paying attention to the whole situation.

Even though the information was given that he had left Libya he assured through a video that he is still in the country and not in Venezuela like the press was telling. It is not confirmed where he is now, but even nobody knows, current occurrences could be an evidence for it.

Citizens of Libya have reported that the situation is even worse and they cannot leave their houses. “The city of Tripoli is in a big panic”, a woman living in Tripoli told the CBC. There is no such thing as everyday life anymore. Banks, pharmacies and petrol stations are closed.

The United Nations and their Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called the violence “unacceptable” and said it must stop immediately. Therefore the council of the UN decided to have a closed-door meeting to discuss the bloodshed. More than 233 people have died since Feb. 17th.  “This is a serious violation of international humanitarian law.” (Ban Ki-moon). The Mexican news magazine “Proceso” even thinks the number is around 400.

“All eyes are on Libya today,” said Stephen Schork, publisher of the energy industry newsletter The Schork Report.


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