Guantanamo´s case as a subject of discussion

The Departaments of Justice and Defense, and the Congress of United States have demanded to the judge of the National Audience, Eloy Velasco, relent in his investigations about the tortures in the Guantanamo´s jail (Cuba), as his tribunals are the most adecuates for the realization of that investigation, since it has been iniciate.

The 4 of May of 2009, the juez Velasco asked to United States an explication about his intentions related to the Guantanamo´s tortures.
Because of the lack of answer, Velasco insisted in April of 2001, and one more time in October of the same year in receiving information about the case. Furthermore asked the demonstration of the nationality of three prisioners.
However, the document sent by United States like an answer of the request of información has nothing to do with the allegad tortures. In the document appears cases like David Passaro or Don Ayala.
For this reason, Velasco has sent the document of the charge and to the fiscal to consider if United States should continue with its investigation or if  Spain  is the one which have to assume of this issue.
On the other hand, last February 24, the National Hearing agreed to investigate the supposed tortures that there suffered the Moroccan prisoner, Lahcen Ikassrien, in the military base of Guantanamo, since he seems to possesses Spanish residence.
The justices confirmed this way a request presented by Ikassrien’s defense in order to these facts de investigated.
The creators of the prison were accused of violating the fundamental rights of the prisoners, in the complaint presented to the judge Velasco. In addition, six high charges of Bush’s administration approved techniques of torture and absolved the  personnel wrapped in the happened in Guantanamo of any consequence.
Specifically, the penal action would be directed against the general counselor of the vice-president Dick Cheney, David Addington; the assistant of the general Jay S district attorney. Bybee; the undersecretary of Defense for Legal Matters, Douglas Feith, the general counselor of the Office of the secretariat of Defense William J. Haynes; the second assistant of the general John Yoo district attorney and the counselor of Bush Alberto R. Gonzáles.
The terrorist assault against the Twin Towers, happened on September 11, 2001, was one of the reasons of this atrocious behavior in Guantanamo. This attack has provoked a hard response on the part of Bush’s administration.


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