The visit of Felipe Calderón

The president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón travels to Washington on Thursday to meet with President Barack Obama, U.S. House Speaker John Boehner and others during two days.

In the meeting, Calderón and Obama will talk about immigration, commerce and crime, on the other hand, the encounter will be useful to solve the recently tensions between United States and Mexico.

Here we have some statements that Calderon did in a recent interview with the Mexican newspaper El Universal, Calderon accepted that he was offended by U.S. officials, but he complained of what he implicitly interpreted as attempts by his neighbors to the north to middle in Mexican domestic policy.

“I have no need to tell (U.S. Ambassador Carlos Pascual) how many times I meet with my security Cabinet nor what I say, right? The truth is that it’s a matter that does not concern him and I don’t tolerate nor accept any type of interference,” Calderon told the newspaper.

“If there’s a lack of coordination between agencies in terms of security that happens among the American agencies where we see that the DEA and the CIA and ICE … all of them have a (disorganized) policy, right?” told Calderon.

These issues, security and non-interferece, will be important areas to deal with at Thursday’s meeting between the two presidents.

On the other hand, Obama’s government has announced there are good relations between the Us and Mexico.

Also, the press secretary of the White House praised Calderón for his continuous fight against drug cartels and organized crime and he said that “the president is deeply committed to this strong partnership the United States has with Mexico. I think that is the reason for the (upcoming) meeting. We admire the commitment and sacrifices of the Mexican people as they confront the criminal organizations that have brought so much violence to Mexico”.

In a similar way, Hillary Clinton praised the courage of President Calderón and she announced that Mexico would receive a half billion dollars in aid to fight against organized crime, during a visit to the Mexican city of Guanajuato.

Calderón’s visit to Washington takes place 16 days after the murder of US agent Jaime Zapata, whose alleges assailants were arrested 8 days later.

On the other hand, some American businessman that have deals with Mexico are concerned about drug trafficking so Calderón will meet whit them as well he will meet with President Obama and Boehne.


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