The UN Security Council is composed by the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia and China. Something which is remarkable, is that a country like Germany, a country that has overpassed powers such as the United Kingdom and France, with a better and faster growth than any other of these permanent members, is not a member of the Security Council. Of course there is a historical reason for this. The United Nations was founded by the ones who had won World War II.

Since the end of the Cold War the reformation of the Security Council has been a hot topic in the United Nations. But until now nothing really changed, because the permanent members have a veto against every amendment of the United Nations Charter. So if there really want to reform the Security Council every permanent member must agree with the adaption. This of course is not likely to happen in the near future, we think.

But if we had carte blanche we would like to redistribute and reorganize the world powers. Because the contemporary power division in the Security Council is outdated.

We think that the Security Council should include more members from other geographic areas, because there are some continents, that are underrepresented like Africa and Asia. They represent more than 50 % of the members, but only China is a permanent member. At the contrary you can say that Europe has to many permanent members. They are represented by 3 members and only represent 33% of the total members. A lot of new powers are knocking on the door of the Security Council.

You have different groups who have their own propositions. You have the group of 4: Germany, Brazil, Japan and India also the Coffee Club: Italy, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Pakistan and South Korea and the small five: Suisse, Singapore, Jordania, Liechtenstein and Costa Rica.  

The G4 wants the addition of 6 permanents seats in the Security Council, without the power of veto, which would go to Germany, Japan, India and Brazil plus two other unspecified African countries. They also asked for 4 more non-permanent seats. This is a proposition that we can support.

We have to be a bit realistic. The five members would not give up their contemporary, privileged status. So we think that the 6 new permanent members not immediately have a veto, but a sort of a semi veto. Maybe this can evolve in the future to a full veto. We also propose a sort of a rotation system for those new members. Every five year there must be an evaluation of the 6 new members. And if those 6 members don’t have that much power anymore they must be replaced by the new powers. So that the Security Council gets a more vital character and  will be up to date every five years.

Resolution 1970/73

In February 2011 to resolutions were adopted by the Security Council, res. 1970 and 1973. This was the consequence of the military actions of Khadafy against his own citizens.

France, UK, the USA and Germany proposed the resolution 1970. This resolution condemned the use of violence against the Libyan people who participated in the Libyan uprising. Kaddafi was also found guilty ofbombing places in Tripoli where protesters were standing ground. This cruel act led to the first resolution.

The second resolution was more expected then the first one. France, the UK and Lebanon proposed this resolution, with Sarkozy leading them. He has to do something right? Resolution 1973 stated that the UN demanded an immediate ceasefire and that by any means this could be enforced, such as military intervention. This act was adopted on the 17th of March 2011. The Security Council also wanted to enable a Non-fly zone above Libya.

The 15 members approved the first resolution. The second resolution was a close call, with 5 member states abstaining. The implementation of the second resolution started on the 19th of March when French Jets bombed the city of Tripoli.


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