The drug trafficking in Mexico

From February of this year, The US is sending unmanned aircraft to Mexico in order to stop drug trafficking in the neighboring country, as The New York Times reported yesterday. Until now, the agreement had been kept in secret because if legal restrictions and Mexican political sensitivity about this issue due to territorial sovereignty.

The New York newspaper quoted both Mexican and US sources which confirm it was Mexico which asked Washington to use spy planes.
The Mexican Constitution prohibits any military or foreign interference but, the worsening of the situation and the increased of the violence in Mexico have caused that exceptional measures have been taken.
The flights are operated through the drones, unmanned Global Hawk aircraft, the same which were used for Afghanistan espionage during the war.
They are planes which flying over 10,000 feet above sea level and that are invisible form the ground. The drones were designed to follow, minute after minute, the movements of the suspects involved in drug trafficking and, this way, locate and dismantle their networks.
Since late 2006, more than 34,000 people have died in Mexico due to the violence that the drug trafficking have caused. It is unknown the number of flights that have been made under “secret” agreement between Mexico and the US.
According to The New York Times, which quotes Pentagon sources without providing names for security reasons, the Department of US National Security has authorized these flights thanks to several bilateral agreements between the two countries, which were confirmed during the last visit that Felipe Calderón made to Barack Obama in the White House on March 3.
The increase of the violence over the past four years has made that United States takes a more active role in the fight against drug cartels. Apart from the flights, the US has spent years training thousands of polices and Mexican army troops, providing equipment and technology in the battle against drug traffickers.
Thanks to the drones, several suspects, related with the murder of the agent of the immigration, Jaime Zapata, that took place the last March in Mexican territory, have been located.
The Mexican authorities criticized Obama Administration, as Obama paid no attention to the violence generated in Mexico, until one of his citizens died.
Cooperation between the US and Mexico in relation to drug issue is very opaque because, although the two countries have recognized that the work they are doing together has been crucial to capture, at least, 20 great drug lords, and that US espionage has been essential, the agreements are kept in secret.
“The only way we can keep doing what we are doing in Mexico is if we allow somehow Mexico can deny it whenever it want” former chief of operations for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) explains.
Sources quoted by The New York Times ensure that Mexico, among other things, acts like if it did not notice the telephone calls placed by the US in the lines of the drugs traffickers. Mexico also ignored the fact that the US agents carry weapons on the streets of Mexico, which is a violation of the Constitution.


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