The storms devastate U.S.

Alabama’s Government has confirmed that the number of deaths due to the storms and tornadoes suffered by US people the last April 27, are around to 128.
These phenomena which hit the East and the South of US in the last three days have taken away the lives of at least 155 people and they have wiped out whatever was in their way, especially in Alabama.
The areas of the south of the country are the most affected: northern Alabama, the extreme northwest of Georgia, the northeast of Mississippi and the southern of Tennessee. The president, Barack Obama, has declared the state of emergency in Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee and 39 counties in Mississippi.
The President Obama has made, in a statement to the nation, the following declarations “Although we may not know yet the extent of the damage, since the situation will take few days more, we are following very closely the severe storms in our country and are willing to continue helping the people of Alabama and all concerned citizens”. “Michelle and I offer our deepest condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives due to tornadoes that have hit Alabama and throughout the Southeastern US”.
In the last hours, the storms have moved from the center of the country to the east. This natural disaster has been the cause of numerous floods, which joined with the melt water have caused serious increases of the water of rivers. It has also caused damage to buildings, infrastructures and electrical supplies.
On the other hand The National Weather service has warned of important storms and tornadoes from Louisiana to New York.
On local broadcaster channels, the number of images that show the huge impact that the tornado has been in these areas is increasing. Moreover there were witnesses who warned about the tornadoes to cities such as Birmingham and Cullman, both in Alabama.
According to a member of the power plant of Alabama Power, who reported to the CNN, this atmospheric phenomenon has caused hundreds of thousands remain without electricity. It is important to say that 269,000 citizens were of Birmingham.
Hundreds of officers have been sent to affected areas of the state by the National Guard as a mean of support.
On the other hand, it is necessary to stress that according to the warnings, it is possible that these tornadoes affect the state of Georgia.


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