Politics in the Pacific

The politic in the Pacific area is quiet for now. Korea is the next who will have presidential elections shortly. For this, it was held on April 27 partial elections, in which the Democratic Party (DP), led by Sohn Hak defeated strongly his opponent Kang Jae, leader of Grand National Party (GNP). The change is now favoring the left side being the socialist party, the people doesn’t longer want more right-wing party.

Not only were national elections this time. Last Wednesday there was also province-level elections in which three of the four provinces was victorious DP. In every victory meant more than 35% of the vote, and the highest percentage was the national with 51%. Even with a number of studies, the result was completely contrary to the predictions, because the current government is the GNP.

The speculation was increases and political view was affected too. Is obvious that the people want change and the current government will face a renewal process, since it’s likely that with the power that seems to have the DP, it could be now more aggressive.
That is why Prime Minister Kim Hwang took the loss and tries to repair the unhappiness of citizen, calling representatives and government agencies to give solution to the citizen problems’s.

As for the international aspect, other Pacific countries are aware of whether the change occurs. This would represent a change in Korean foreign policy, because the DP manages a policy very different from the present in Korea. Even the president with these events, has had to send uncorrected the free trade agreement signed with the United States. And if this change has to happen we just hope the best for all and for the Koreans.


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