The impact of Bin Laden’s death in the pacific zone.

The recent event of the Osama Bin Laden’s death, who represented the highest authority and the head of world-renowned Al-Qaeda group, has meant great questions and movements worldwide, including in the Pacific’s area that althought they just have a small influence of Muslim in their region, the conflict of terrorism may also be affect them.

Following the death of Bin Laden, the terrorist group began to reorganize and just two weeks after it had declared a new interim chief Egyptian Saif al-Adel, who joined the Al Qaeda a few years ago. The fear of terrorist attacks becomes larger to learn that He has a stranglehold on the military camp and has experience as a strategist, althought he doesn’t possess the charisma and popularity of Bin Laden. Adel seems to take seriously their role in the recent attacks in Pakistan, due to the death of former leader.

Australia has even more worries because the stepmother of the interim chief is Australian. Rabiah Hutchinson married Mustafa Hamid stepfather of the new head, in the last decade when they met in Afghanistan. Security agency of Australia had been chasing Mrs. Hutchinson before she fled to Afghanistan because the links with the terrorist group.

Australia isn’t the only country with fears, in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines continue to appear even hundreds of radicals. One of the most threatening radical base is in Indonesia. It is suspected that they have been financed by Al Qaeda for the attacks in Bali nightclub killing over 200 people in 2002 and two suicide bombs in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta in 2009.

The last summit of the G-20 was in Korea. The meet was on last May 19th with countries such as China, Japan, Indonesia and Australia who are in the Pacific zone, along with other large economies like the U.S., canada, france, Spain, Germany, etc. One of the topics in the summit was the issue of terrorism and the situation of the Osama’s death. The meeting lasted two days, but they still are unresolved what actions thay have to take in front to this intangible threat.


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