Concerns about the Olympic Games security plans

By Isidoro Arriola, Rafael López, Alejandra Rojo y Patricia Martínez.

It is known that the US has repeatedly expressed their preoccupation about the security in the London Olympics. Due to this preoccupation, the US Government has sent over one thousand security agents.

The American officials have been ultimately organizing the number of personnel in security matters that should be operating during the Olympics Games, telling what to do to the anti-terrorist and police forces of the UK.

This mandatory attitude from part of the United States is making the UK officials to get bothered, as they think that they are not equal partners in this theme. The general opinion about the position of the US is that they are being very demanding.

In the other hand, it has been known that the original security plan was composed by 10.000 security agents, and, after the first review, they realised that up to 21.000 agents where going to be needed, so the changes have to be done in this plans.

This error has brought some severe problems, such as the money that will need to be paid to the new security agents, money that will have to come from the Ministry of Defence, as there is no more money left for this in the budget due to the economical crisis that we are living now a day.

The problem will do little to reassure Washington, which will be supplementing its FBI personnel with an equal number of diplomatic security officials, some of whom will be armed to protect even better the security. Though the UK’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre has lowered the threat of attack to the third level, even though western intelligence agencies remain in alert because there is still some danger.

It is possible that Al-Qaeda, or other terrorist group, may attack to disrupt the Olympics Games, with members of the US team being obvious targeted. It is the perfect situation to attack because there will be many important political leaders with whom they may have some problem, and to they want to attack.

Even the believe of the strong security strategy and the solving of the problems that occur, some American officials have continued with the concern about the actual level of security agents.

One well-placed Presidential source said the whole Olympic security operation was being prepared actively “with the US in mind”, and that “The US will have no qualms in saying it is unsafe. If something happens and we say we did not have enough people, we are finished.”

Other source explained that the Americans where “risk averse”, that they want to control absolutely every single point of the security, such as building protection, counter terrorism and the VIP security.

Several anti-terrorism exercise have been carried out at the London Olympic Games Village amid fears of armed sieges, sniper attack and even bombing attack or biological weapons.

Finally, an official explained that the security plans were being mounted with the help of the government and some specialised security agencies, so the security is going to be more effective.

Here we can find an example of an anti-terrorism exercise in the Thames.


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