Child Prostitution in Malaysia

Date: March 9th, 2012

By: Ananda Cerdan,Ibón Joung, Sara Setién, Eduardo Márquez and Virginia Mazón


        “The United Nations Office and Drugs Crime (UNODC) reported that from 2003 to 2006 about 160 people were convinced of child abduction and child trafficking”.

  The number of child victims trafficked worldwide for sexual exploitation or cheap labor on an annual basis is huge, around 1.2 million children works every day against them rights to survive. Commercial sex exploitation consist one of the largest international crime, following illegal drugs and arms trafficking. Asia is the continent with most child prostitution and illegal Human trafficking Worldwide.

“In 2009, the Global Report on Trafficking in Persons by UNODC reported that seventy-nine percent of all global trafficking is for sexual exploitation”.

 The most affected country by the child prostitution is Malaysia, a small country in Southeast Asia. In concrete Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, has become a city were children are continuously cheated for this horrible acts that nowadays moves huge quantities of money around the world.

In this country we can find two types of children who are especially vulnerable to being trafficked. Ones are those who feel the duty to help their families and finally they accept to be prostituted or even one of their relatives can decide to sell them to traffickers to earn of this way a bit of money. The other type of children is those who live in the streets, in refugee camps and don´t have the opportunity to receive a good education at school. All these children are easy to convince and to manipulate.

The real situation is that not only mafia’s offers safety and welcoming to children to work in others countries with better conditions, giving them false hopes, and here is where they start being cheated and sent to brothels, where they are forced to have sex with customers, but also this acts are becoming a big touristic via for a lot of foreigners that go to this specific city to for sexual market,-child prostitution has become an attraction for foreigners.

“Child sex trafficking is a growing issue”

    Kids are enclosed and if they reject to have those relations, will be beaten by their “boss” or drugged with things like “the shake drug” or “the crack” to make them weak and easy to be victim of abuses.


 A real example of what´s happening in Malaysia is the case of twenty-five teenagers aged 14 to 17 who were from Jakarta. The traffickers promised them a dignified job as domestic workers in Malaysia. They travelled to this country with false travel documents. Once there, the traffickers forced them into sex work. The Malaysian police opened an investigation but just six of these twenty-five girls have been rescued.

   Fortunately, in these last years the number of organizations that are truing to stop or at least reduce this child prostitution has increased, NGOs such as UNESCAP, UNICEF, ECPAT, are working hard to take measures to help these children.

   Although sex trafficking of children is a cruel reality that we cannot stop nowadays, we hope that in a very near future with the support of all these NGOs, the UN, the governments of these counties… we can greatly reduce the sex trafficking of children but not just in Malaysia, we must do it in all over the World.

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