“A Separation” in the shadows of a theocracy

Iranian drama 'A Separation' wins best foreign language film Oscar

The honor ceremony to celebrate the director Asghar Farhadi for winning the Oscar for the best foreign language film “A Separation” has been cancelled. The ceremony organizers announced regrettably in a statement that due to a cancellation request, authorized by representatives from the cultural committee in Iran, they could not carry out the ceremony anymore.

 Last Friday Asghar Farhadi, director of the Oscar winning production “A Separation”, arrived to the Iran and met a warm welcome from thousands of countrymen overwhelmed by Iran’s first Oscar award. Farhadi expressed his gratitude with the words “After receiving this prize I would never emigrate from Iran, although I am going to direct a film abroad.”  According to The Tehran Times he donates his award to the Film museum of Iran, to honor his people with this gesture. “At that moment I felt that the entire dear Iranians were watching me and that they were all as happy and light hearted as I were.” said Farhadi to the Iranian press.

 Even though the Iranian government has criticized the movie for offending the Iranian Republic and prohibited the shooting of “A separation in 2010” hence Farhadi’s support towards exiled Iran movie makers, this Oscar has clearly thrown some positive light on the isolated theocracy. This award arrived as a gift from above to a country that is facing politically critical times due to the oil sanctions threats, rumors of Iran re-started new-clear weapon program and their dispute with the U.S allied Israel. However, the Iranian government has seen the Oscar as an opportunity to heal the relatively damaged Iranian image and their public diplomacy. The award is also seen as a great triumph because Asghar Farhadi won over en Israeli production and that has brought him additional praises from all sides since the 27th of February, when the Oscar Academy Awards ceremony took place.

 Nevertheless the wind is changing direction again and the storm around Iran has re-arose. After the tremendous welcoming at the airport of Tehran last Saturday it seems like now once the director is back in his country the high praises are fading away into shadows. On Tuesday the 14th of March the news of a rapid, unexpected cancellation of the celebration ceremony thrown by the Iranian Directors and Cinema groups to honor the academy prizewinner, had been executed. “The cultural custodians did not let us realize this” the ceremony organizers wrote in a statement to Farhadi himself, but without giving any more details concerning the reasons behind the cancellation Yet, without further information one cannot avoid making the conclusion that the cancellation has to do with the former critic the Government of Iran through on “A Separation”. Now when the Iranian nation has had it’s moment in the spotlight and the world around has been worsted at the Oscar gala by the otherwise so silent but feared isolated country in the middle east, the Islamic Republic of Iran has to retake it’s power by mediating through the cancellation of the Farhadi ceremony that you had your fun, you have brought a lot good into the Iranian movie industry but now it goes back to normal, back into the silent shadows.


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