Student demonstration in Santiago de Chile.

Estefania Sanchez, Isabel Rivero Garzón, Olga Conde, Victoria Gerbaudo

Thousands of high school students demonstrated in the center of Santiago de Chile causing confrontations with the police again. Resulting three policemen injured, one of them in serious conditions, and fifteen detainees who may come to receive a complaint for the mayor of the city, Cecilia Pérez.

These students demonstrated to      demand a free and quality education also protest demands unfulfilled in 2011 and the cancellation of enrollment of students who participated in last year’s movements , but this manifestation hasn’t got an authorization of city hall of Santiago which resulted the police broke up the demonstration with tear gas and water jets minutes after start, what students responded with sticks and stones besides inflammatory barricades in streets near the place where the demonstration took place and they managed to cut the transit in the Alameda Bernardo O’Higgins avenue, one of the most centric. All this provoke numerous clashes with police and even closure of some shops.

What has caused much controversy also was the arrest of the cameraman Ricardo Uribe, NTN 24 channel of Colombia, by police during more or less half an hour, because they said that he was hindering their work. He was arrested in the middle of the confrontation between police and high school students.

Governor of Santiago de Chile, says that propose to the ACES meet without leave but they only responded with demonstration in the streets, however the version of students is another, when they learned of the proposal they would accept but the police burst pouncing on them.

This event took place this morning in the Italia Square, one of the most important and centric square of the Chilean capital, Santiago de Chile, but after incidents remained outbreaks of protest in the streets near the square

This demonstration has not been an exception, Chile is one of the countries with more demonstrations in relation to education because, it has one of the most unequal educational system of the world causing students take to the streets to demonstrate their outrage. Last year they demonstrated for eight months always with the same objective, a free and quality education, even they went so far as to occupy a lot of schools.

The police calculated more or less three thousand students met in the Bustamante Square but those invited was ten thousand by Roberto Saldivia commander of the police prefecture of the East, which isn’t a very high amount because was calculated that in this country the last year students staged more or less fourteen demonstrations in the Chilean capital even some of them was considerate the most massive in the last twenty years because, they managed to collect more or less one hundred thousand of students.


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