“Sufficient humanitarian aid?”

FAO , United Nations

The food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, created in the year 1945,  is a specialized agency which works in order to defeat hunger in many countries of the World. In addition, what they try to do is to help those countries to improve and develop the agriculture, forestry and fisheries in order to ensure good nutrition of civilians and food security as well.

One of the countries in which this UN agency is focused on, is Somalia. This country called officially the Somali Republic is a country located in the Horn of Africa. It is also  one of the poorest and most violent areas which it is threatened by the continuous drought. However, this situation is improving because they are receiving massive help and a very effective harvest. Therefore, the situation is changing but it is very necessary the help of different organizations.

It’s hard to the FAO to pose their issues because the collaboration with the Somali’s government is none. The reason is that there isn’t any institution responsible to apply security and order in the whole country. There are different “local” governments which have declared their independence from Somalia but they haven’t been recognised by the international community so the UN agency can cooperate with them officially.

Now, talking about what FAO is doing in Somalia, which aims does this organization have? Although the situation to act is so difficult and dangerous, this UN agency is trying to fulfil as best as possible with his objectives. We have found information which asserts that FAO is now developing many programs to improve the hygienic conditions of the population, the distribution of humanitarian aid and the modernization of the agriculture among others. This project has been a great and helpful way to reduce the number of people that need humanitarian aid (from 4 million people who needed assistance it has decreased to 2. 34 millions of civilians). Maybe this could be the first step to enter Africa, in this case Somalia, to be a more modern and advanced country.

Somalia's regions

As a conclusion we have realised that the UN agency is a very useful and effective tool to stop hunger in countries such as Somalia and Ethiopia but on the other hand it is not sufficient this aid to cover all the necessary help to end with this problematic and difficult situation that is living the country of Somalia. We have asked ourselves if  it is possible to finish with such a terrible issue, the hunger in Africa, with the collaboration of the Northern hemisphere through international organizations.


Andrea Sánchez (https://twitter.com/andreis9), Marta Saguar (https://twitter.com/#!/martolomiu) , María Cortés (https://twitter.com/#!/mer_cb) and  Victor Corvera(https://twitter.com/#!/VictorCorvera)


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