Brazil has presented criminal charges against executives of Chevron and Transocean for oil spills in the Atlantic Ocean.

Victoria Gerbaudo Delfino, Estefanía Sánchez Martínez, Isabel Rivero Garzón y Olga Conde Martín

The last month of November the companies of oil, Chevron (U.S. oil company) and Transocean, (Swiss oil company), were the cause of the spillover in one of the deposits of oil situated in the ocean, proximally to Brazil, concretely 370 kilometres from Rio de Janeiro. Because of this, the Brazilian federal prosecutor, demanded a compensation of more than billion dollars, but now, the Government of Brazil has presented criminal charges against Chevron and to 17 workers of them; and to Transocean, which was the contractor. Also, Chevron faces to a civil demand from the Government worth of 11.000 millions of dollars

Chevron’s manager, George Buck, faces to a prison sentence of 31 years if finally he is declared guilty of committing environmental crimes. But, the company Chevron, has reclaimed that the charges haven’t got any fundament: “”The continuous analysis of the incident area shows no environmental impact to marine life.”, “The oil did not reach the coast of Brazil and no one was injured, so there is no technical basis to assume any risk to human life.” they said. To this, the prosecutors of Brazil answered that “there will be no impunity” and that, the companies that have the best technologies will be welcome, not as Chevron, which “has been imprudent and has made a festival of errors.”

But these aren’t the only guilty, the fiscally also accused the executives of the environmental crimes, of mislead the authorities and failure to provide accurate information on the accident. Some steps have been taken, like the prohibition of the accused ones, to exit from the country, and from the fiscally they have solicited the stop of the activity of those companies.

This has supposed a big impact to the environmental area of Brazil, all the ecosystems, the animal species and the flora close to the deposit on the Atlantic Ocean were injured. But the good part of this is that represents of the Navy, The National Agency of Oil, and The Institute of the Brazilian Environmental, confirmed that has decreased the oil slick in the ocean. Many international organizations as Greenpeace, are involved in this case that has caused many problems and was very prejudicial, in order to solve it and to look after the environmental, and also for fight against this type of attacks to the nature of the world.

International Relations, aren’t just about to keep peace on the whole world, which is their main goals, but also to maintaining the environment safe and protected, because as it is on the world, we have to look after it, and to cooperate between all of the citizens to conserve it. Because if we aren’t capable of this, we can’t contribute to any international cause politics, cause I don’t find anything more international that the environment, and the world where we all are living.


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