Tensions between Eritrea and Ethiopia

By Larissa Duarte, Eduardo García,  Juan Manuel Pérez, Blanca Ribas y Patricia Vlaicu.

Flags of Eritrea and Ethiopia

Ethiopia attacks Eritrea clamming that the Eritrean government was involved with the terrorist group who attacked and killed five European tourists in the Ethiopian territory earlier this year.

After the killing of two Germans, two Austrians and one Hungarian that were visiting Ethiopia’s famed Erta Ale volcano in Afar, the tensions between the countries, that already fought a war from 1998 till 2000, were reignited.Shimeles Kemal, the government spokesman, said that it wasn’t likely to begin a war between the countries because Ethiopia was committed to peaceful negotiations. But he also warns that they would have similar measures if the attacks against Ethiopia continue to happen. If Eritrean forces retaliated, he says that there would be disastrous results.Ethiopia attacked the settlements used by the rebels inside of Eritrea borders. It was the first attack since the end of the 1998-2000 war. The locations that were attacked are Ramid, Gelehbe and Gimbi – 18km, 16km, and 14km, respectively, inside southeastern Eritrea.

Eritrea fought for independence for 30 years and finally won it in 1993. In 1998 they started a war for the stablishment of the borders, this war last until 2000. It was to decide to whom the territory of Badme belonged. At the end it was decided that the territory belongs to Eritrea but is still occupied by Ethiopia.

Until today the borders between Eritrea and Ethiopia is one of the most heavily armed in the world. There are large troops on each side and any tension or incursion from side to side is considered very combustible.

Maps of the area of Ethiopia and Eritrea

But the attacks are not only in the southwest bases on Eritrea. The Ethiopian troops also cross the border to Somalia for the same reason. The search and capture of terrorist group at the origin of five tourists the death.

Meanwhile, Paris and Washington – that have a base in the region, Djibouti – had pleaded for restraint. And the U.S. had added that he asked for “clarification” to their Ethiopian allies “about its intentions.”

At Friday Eritrea ask the United Nation Security Council to take appropriate measures to rectify the acts of aggression against the Eritrean sovereignty. They said that they wouldn’t be pressed by the military incursion. “What we are saying is that we will not sit idle and watch Eritrea challenge our sovereignty and our development efforts,” foreign ministry spokesman Dina Mufti told Reuters.

Etíopes troops performed two more attacked to the country rebels this Saturday, the day after Eritrea urge for an answer from the Organization of United Nations to the neighbor country about the previous attack.

“We’ve carried out further attacks on targets inside Eritrea. This time it’s in the north section around Badme,” a senior Ethiopian government official told Reuters on Saturday.


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