The Basque government will help the threatened people by ETA to return.

By: Alejandra Rojo, Rafael López, Patricia Martínez, Isidoro Arriola.

The Basque Parliament will modified the “Ley de Reconocimiento y Reparación a la Víctimas del Terrorismo”, to help who has abandoned Euskadi due to the threats or the attacks and now they want to come back. This was announce by Rodolfo Ares, the Interior Advisor, after proposing the Proyecto Retorno, too related with this topic. They want to create a law, in which terrorists will be easily and quickly judge. In the “Dirección de atención a las victimas del terrorismo” will deal with a law proposition.

The aids will be economic, and only will be destinated to those who have real necessity. This means those businessmen that flee away due to the extortion.

The registration won’t give problems in the moment of the request because they will make an exception. Independently of the cumpliment of the residence period.

A study was ordered by the interior department, it was requested by ´Parlamento Autonomo´ and the Basque Criminology institute (belonging to UPV-EHU performed the study. The team consisted of Dr Jose Luis de la Cuesta (President of the victim of terrorism council) and other doctros all of which are specialists in Victimology.

The report is based on the results of the discussions of three groups.

The first was formed by Threatened people, mainly including journalists and university teachers. The second was formed by the families of assassinated people from different decades, those who experienced cruelty and immense victimization causing irreversible and irreparable psychological damage. Basque associations and foundations participated in the Third group. The report defines that a beneficiary is a physical person and their family who was forced to moved because of attacks and threats.

The counselor of Interior, reiterated that is was impossible to calculate the exact number of people who were exiled, as a lot of them do not want to be part of the report because start a new life. However this was not the study objective

The processing of this new proposal of law is positive, there isn´t a certain number of what could return, those who left, they can choose to return to your home, or stay in exactly the same place that they  chose for a long time to start a new life.

This proposition of law is made in order to the processing of the return of the exiles will be as fast as possible, and they are exempted from the obligation of registration and the government try to give them more facilities, this is right and fair, because they have not chosen leave their country, their town, but who were forced by these attacks committed by the terrorist group.

Terrorism is a weight that our society suffers and this law that was adopted in 2008, speaks about the coexistence, freedom, and peace, in article 9 of this law, especially for the Basque citizens who had to leave Euskadi, that is what talking about in this article, any law that is to help the affected people or to stop the attacks of the aggressors is and will be good and determinant for all.


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