Young people, the main objective

Nowadays one of the main problems at the Arab countries is the terrorism. The main one is the Islamic terrorism, which is a form of violence based on religion (Muslim) for the purpose of achieving political or religious aims. It does not only affect the Middle East region but also other places like Africa, Europe, South and Southeast Asia, and the United States since the 1970s.

The Islamic terrorism is related to Jihad and likewise to the Holly War. It is believed that its main function is to impose Islam but it is a concept of a much deeper meaning. The closer word to translate this phenomenon would be “effort”. We can distinguish two types of Jihad: The first refers to the “effort” in which all good Muslim should do to not deviate from the path of faith in Allah. It is       an inner struggle that they have to overcome. However, there   is another word for translating Jihad,“the sword”.  This  concept includes more extremist attitudes in Islam and  justifies the use of violence.

 The youth is one of the most affected social groups of the Islamic terrorist associations, which look between them for new adquisitions; they look for marginalized, antisocial and a bit depressed people cause it’s easy for them to manipulate and to make them fight against the “enemies” of the Islam. It’s a kind of brain washing.

 The Islamic terrorist groups follow a recruitment process which is divided in many phases. It starts with dissatisfaction, radicalization, extremism, violent extremism and finally it culminates in terrorism. That is why they turn to that marginalised young people, because they “have nothing to lose” so they are the principal objective in order to establish a very powerful base to implement the Muslim religion all over the world.

The places, usually used for the recruitment of individuals for jihadism, offer specially centres of social reunion or concentration of people in poor areas. Also prisons and juvenile centres run the risk of becoming common places for bringing in that marginalised and frustrated people. Affinity towards people of the same cultural and national origin as it is the case of the prisoners in Morocco or Algeria and the formation of closed groups of character ethnic-religious in the Spanish prisons has been used as a factor attracting jihadist-friendly.

This kind of recruitments , as jihadist terrorism experts say, have become very strong because they have appealed to use a very powerful tool which is the Internet. This enormous power of diffusion and its difficulties for being controlled and restricted has made it to become a very important and known way to recruit people.

Is violence a good way to implement a religion? Should there be another solution to expand a religion? What possible solutions can we have in order not to recruit people to be terrorist and use violence?. This situation is difficult to change because they have worked that way for lots of years. However, violence can be more or less “stopped” by many international institutions that work in order to maintain peace and security in the world.

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Andrea Sánchez, Marta Saguar, María Cortés and Victor Corvera


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