An irrigating pump can change a life


Up to 87.000 limited agricultural initiatives have been created using Money Maker over the past 13 years. Households, which used pumps, have increased their incomes around 100%-200%.


Agricultural output in Sub-Saharan Africa is the lowest in the world. More than the 80% of the productivity development has been attained through the enlargement of the cropped area rather than using technological improvements. Therefore the population increase in Sub-Saharan Africa exceeds the production growth increasing the probability of food shortage. Certainly the food self-sufficiency has decreased a 15%, this low income means that the farmers cannot pay the commercial-quality irrigation equipment.

There are many organizations that are holding programmes to solve this problems, one is the KickStart programme that sells pumps to farmers.

The approach held by the KickStart organization started by selling low-cost human powered irrigation pumps to help smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa to develop their productivity, to increase their households incomes and to reduce the poverty. More or less 130,000 pumps were sold to irrigate over 31,000 hectares of land.

The benefits of the pump Money Maker are between $35-95, with this amount of money a farmer can harvest and sell which means they can increase their outputs and improve its life, from poverty to a middle class.

Anastacia Wangare Gitay, a Kenyan small-holder farmer, is widow and has two young children and a small plot. She didn’t have enough money to give their children a child support, she saw the pumps programme and thought it could be a useful and helpful idea to get her family ahead. Thus she accepted the offer and started to irrigate her plot and to harvest vegetables. She began to earn benefits and she could feed her children and give them and education by sending them to school. After a few years of earning she could afford buying cows and putting electricity in her house. She did even buy a better pump and expanded her cropping area. Anastacia increased more and more her farm. She says that “ nowadays my daughter goes to a private school in Denmark and my son goes to a private school”

Eldoret a Kenyan man states that “I saw the MoneyMaker Hip Pump and I knew it was the answer to how we could earn an income quickly…We lost everything we had worked for, but now we are getting back on our feet.”

Mahmoud Guindo, A Malian man also bought a pump the results were the doubled of his income, with this he is going out of debt and supporting his family.

 This type of business needs to be introducing in all Sub-Saharan Africa countries. Technology is a great way to help these undeveloped countries to find their way to come across the poverty and to generate wealth.


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