Red government.. Blood government!

On march 15, Bo Xilai, one of China’s most prominent politicians, was dismissed from his post on the communist party, that governs the country. Bo Xilai was the leader of the party in Chongqing, seen as a charismatic, successful man and as one of the rising leaders of China, destined to join the Politburo Standing Committee.
Bo was dismissed from his posts after he was involved in a series of scandals when the former deputy mayor and former city police chief and Bo’s ally, Wang Lijun, went to the american consulate in Chengdu, in an alleged attempt to get political asylum. Wang was replaced and became subject to a police investigation because of the incident.
Bo was also in the center of a scandal when his wife, Gu Kailai, became the main suspect on the investigation in the killing of Mr. Heywood, a british businessman whose death was considered an intentional homicide. The rumors were that his death was related to economical and business dealings gone wrong. Acording to news agencies, Ms. Gu had had close relations with Mr. Heywood but later had “a conflict over economic interests.”

On one hand, it was right for the Communist Party to expel Bo Xilai.
If we consider family as the most important thing for a person, most of people would try to do anything to save or protect their own. If Bo Xilai knew the truth about what really happened in the hotel room, what would the case have been? Protect his wife lying for everyone or tell the truth so everybody would know? The deeds of a family member might not only have consequences on that specific member, but one the whole family too. Expelling Mr Xilai was a smart move from the party to not lose their credibility and trust from their voters.

In addition, this might indirectly or directly – depending on what view point is held – be a characteristic added toward his personality. This is because he made the ‘direct’ choice to marry a person who is clearly violent or has a moral view which is not accepted nowadays – committing murder. This person will also have an influence on Bo Xilai and his family on a day to day basis, which could cause an indirect malfunction of his position in government: member of the governments, all those people that are supposed to decide for our future, should be able to do so with a clear and lucid mind, whereas an event as big a his wife killing someone will definitely distract him from his duty.
Therefore, in this sense, it was again a completely rational, logical and fair to dismiss Bo XIlai from the communist party.

On the other hand, is it right that one person’s life is affected from the craziness and uncontrolled behavior of others’?
Couldn’t it be that the whole reason behind him being kicked out, is all a big “power struggle”? Someone trying to get rid of him because of his highly important tole in the party?

These questions could be answered with solid evidence of the incident. Hence, if there’s no clear evidence Bo Xilais wife being the murder – it could support the view that the scandal is a political or economic “power struggle”.

To sum up, in this case the Chinese government had the need of taking a decision in which it cannot stop to value what is fair and what is unfair, but has to choose the option that protects the most the structure of the government from fading, a structure that is based on the support of the population and can’t afford to be integrated by people related to illegal suspicions. That’s the reason why even when it’s not yet clear what happened to Mr.Heywood, it is understandable that Bo Xilai was dismissed from his post in the Chinese current government.

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