Strasbourg court approved the extradition of terrorists from Great Britain to U.S

Isidoro Arriola, Alejandra Rojo, Rafael López y Patricia Martínez.

The European Court of Human Rights that have his headquarters in the city of Strasbourg has accepted the demand for extradition to the U.S. of five suspected terrorists, including the imam Abu Hamza Al Mazri, one of the most radical Islamists in Great Britain that has denied any link to terrorism but is in custody in the UK for inciting violence and will be extradited to the United States, also is accused by the U.S of conspiring to take hostages in Yemen in 1998, and eleven more crimes. So the government the UK is entitled to this extradition according to the court.

Whole process of extradition is usually quite long and sometimes controversial, the English government wanted to ensure that the extradition will as soon as possible and to carry out adequate legal proceedings.

In this case the British court has denied prosecuting them, one of the most characteristic examples of this, is the case of one of the accused, Babar Ahmad, who is in prison since 2004, in August of the following year United States sought the extradition and the English government approved the application because is accused of inciting violence through an internet website for young Muslims to revolt against the West and to attack United States. Argues that although the crime was carried out in the British territory, U.S said that web site was actually in a company located in Connecticut, so, United States has jurisdiction in the case. Babar Ahmad obviously has denied links to Al Qaeda and last week he asked for be prosecuted by British justice.

United States in case they were found guilty, has to ensure appropriate treatment of the accused, especially one of the defendants in particular that need other treatment because he is suffering schizophrenia. The human rights tribunal has said it will in no way infringed the article 3 that deals with the prohibition of torture, inhuman treatment or degrading of the European convention of human rights, therefore their human rights not be violated in the case of convicted and will be locked up for life in a special prison in Florida.

Theresa May, the prime minister, said that she was already in contact with US authorities to deal with the extraditions soon as possible. The exchange will take place in three months; this is the period of time that the affected people have to take the case to the Strasbourg Court.


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