The South American countries development vs. the Amazon forest

Since 5 years, several South American countries are developing. This development is due to all the resources that Latin America possesses.  Indeed, the population of this region is young and the Latam have one of the most important natural resources in the world. For instance, there are Gold, copper, iron ore, tin and oil. Farming is an important economic activity. Because of all those factors, numerous companies have chosen to take advantage of this area.

Owing to this big growth, all the Latin American governments have confronted to an increase of new needs and issues.  And one of the most complicated problems is the protection of the Amazon forest. This 5 500 000 km² forest is covered 9 countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Equator, Guyana, French Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela. Since 15 years, a massive campaign of deforestation and the draining-off of industrial wastes have affected the “lung of the world”.  The deforestation evicted its indigenous inhabitants and threatened the wildlife of this wide region.

At the same time, this economic growth brought many benefits as new employments for the local population, and also investments in order to improve the living conditions of the concerned countries.  We all know that Latin America has suffered from civil conflicts, economic crisis situation of the nineties and drug trafficking. Obviously, they take advantage of the opportunities they have to change their situation. While, many problems raised and showed that the economic side isn’t the unique element we have to take into account.

In the late 90s and the beginning of the 2000, the collective awareness has made people and almost all the politicians think that we must develop trade and economic activities more sustainable.Thanks to this awareness, most of the political leaders signed protocols and agreements as the Kyoto protocol aimed at reducing greenhouse effect gas.

Regarding the Amazon rainforest, there are many controversial debates and the concerned government created the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization in order to manage all the issues linked with this area. In 2003, the Brazilian government has decided to sell some concessions to companies so as to exploit the rainforest sustainably.  The Brazilian authorities showed they want take care of their forest when they struggled against the illegal places of deforestation. We can observe some political authorities try to find some fair solutions which don’t prevent their economic growth.

But in some other countries, it isn’t so easy to find some fair issues because they aren’t as powerful as the companies established in their countries. Thus, they have to take radical measures to protect the interests of their nation. The Bolivian president Evo Morales  had suspended the contract of the Brazilian company OAS for the building of a road between Peru and Brazil. According to him the company didn’t respect the government’s instructions.

I think that these countries need to take advantage of all their natural resources and  the foreign companies should help us to do it. Each one has to respect the interest of each other and share its sustainableexperiences. Consequently, the foreign companies which establish themselves in countries where it’s necessary to make sustainable trade, should train its employees to this stake.


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