Date: April 20, 2012
By: Ananda Araujo Cerdan,Ibón Joung, Sara Setién, Eduardo Márquez and Virginia Mazón

   The use of fake brand products have been a quite warm issue but there has been little reactions to it, it has become something pretty worrying because now even official pages such as EBay is starting to sell this kind of products. This buying of counterfeit products happens to be quite common among citizens of all over the world. People seem to worry more about the brand instead of the quality or the product it self, having forgotten the fact that items are bought to carry out a function mainly. These imitations have become really famous the latest years, more than 40.000 wholesale shops end up having the 90% of 100.000 sales; it is a really worrying number. The dangerous point of the sale of fake products is not so grave if it is a costume or technologic devices, the worrying issue starts when they are food, medicaments or even organs. In the latest years, barely everything has been imitated anything from costumes to even fake Botox. The Chinese government had serious problems with certain hospital where fake medicaments were sold causing various health problems.

There are many countries participating in these counterfeit products manufacturing specially areas of southeast of Asia.

“A imitation of the American chicken fast food restaurant KFC”

The main distributer is China of this fake brand products but a town called Shenzhen in Hong Kong is acknowledged to be the “Mecca” of the counterfeit sales.

These sales are causing huge damages to companies creating great losses on their profits. For example an Indian trend of food called Dabur has suffered a lost of 4 billion American dollar on its annual profit, the company assured that those fake products were obviously not up to their standards and supplied at very low prices, even though the counterfeit product created such a big loss in their market.

Apple for example they personally took part on the stopping of the imitation of IPhones and IPods in China. This stopping process is divided in 3 steps, first is to locate the retailers and street sellers that are selling the fake devices, secondly work with the police to find the manufacturing, there are factories of apple in China where certain workers manage to get with bits of the device and take them to manufacture to another factory where through this pieces and their imagination fake apple devices are created.

“A retailer throwing thousands of Apple imitated devices from the window before being caught by the police”

Finally the third step is to find and end with online retailers but being incapable to succeed several times, for example Apple started a process of stopping the imitation of the laptop MacBook Air, where according to Wikileaks the Chinese Government declined the investigation due to the fact that the process would affect its local jobs, refusing to do a round up in a Chinese shopping centre.

Many other companies had similar problems with these imitation products were many of them loses billions and billions of dollars every year. Truly this fake items does not have the same standards and quality like the real ones but citizen tend to buy them just because their low price and trend similarities, giving an enormous importance to the brand of the product.

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