The first Spanish American country that Rajoy visits is Mexico

The Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, started last Tuesday an official visit to Mexico.
The Prime minister asked for help (to Felipe Calderón) to respond the aggression of the Argentine government’s decision to nationalize YPF, a subsidiary of Repsol. Calderón has already ruled on the issue and he has called it as “regrettable” (this expropriation of the oil).
Although the visit to Mexico of Mariano Rajoy was scheduled before the issue with Argentina, Rajoy wanted also to take advantage of it trying to get support from the government of Calderón before the government of Cristina Fernandez (Argentina) did it.
Mexico currently holds the presidency of the G-20, the main forum for economic debate which groups industrialized countries and emerging powers and Argentina takes part of it. The nationalization of YPF also indirectly affect to Mexico because the public company of “Petróleos Mexicanos” has about 10% of Repsol.
Apart from the issue of the expropriation of the YPF in Argentina, it’s important to say that the Spanish and the Mexican government have a very strong relationship.

During this visit to Mexico (His first official trip to a country of Latin American) the head of the Spanish government also expressed its solidarity with the victims of terrorism and violence in Mexico.
“I don’t want to conclude this speech without referring the challenge of both nations: Spain and Mexico (like many others), I mean: The hard challenge of the end of all violence. Because of that, I would like to wish to the Mexican population on my behalf and on behalf of the government of Spain, all the Spain’s solidarity with victims of terrorism and violence as well as I also have to recognize the strong struggle that the president Calderón is doing to ensure that Mexico is a free and peaceful country. Always we will be with him in this battle” said Rajoy.
Rajoy also said to the President Calderón that Mexico and Spain are friendly nations that must ratify the ties that bind them.
On the other hand, the Mexican president spoke about the “difficult situation” that Spain is going through.
He said that all Mexico trust in his leadership to bring up that sister-nation, also he recognizes Rajoy as a statesman who has dedicated his life to strengthen the democracy as well as the Spanish institutions.
“We recognize the Spanish American vocation that inspires him and we appreciate that Mexico is the first country that he visits as president,” Calderón said.
To conclude, we can notice the harmony in the relationship between Spain and Mexico.


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