A marine expelled from the U.S Army for insulting Barack Obama on Facebook

The U.S. Army expelled on Wednesday a Marine for criticizing President Barack Obama on his Facebook profile. Sergeant Gary Stein was dismissed “without honors” for violating the rules of the Pentagon to prevent members of the Armed Forces make political statements. The incident has reopened the debate on the right to freedom of expression of the military and if they can use social networks as citizens.

“Fuck Obama, I will not obey his orders,” Stein said in one of his comments in March and therefore Sergeant Stein is accused of violating the Pentagon policy that prohibits members of the Army rule in politics or participate in demonstrations while serving for the Army.

Members of the Army must obey the rules of the Armed Forces, which Stein has called into question. The sergeant responded to the military authorities to consider a lawsuit that was dismissed “for exercising their right to freedom of expression” when using social networking as a citizen, not as a member of the Army.

After several meetings with his lawyers, told by himself in his Facebook profile, Stein corrected by ensuring that it was his duty with respect to the U.S. Constitution, not its political authorities, “I will not obey any order unconstitutional (and therefore illegal) or immoral such as orders to disarm American citizens or imposing martial law that denied his right to trial. However, I will obey constitutional orders”.

Yesterday, Stein returned to use his Facebook profile to defend himself, “I have spent the last 9 years honorably serving this great nation and the Corps. Even though I will be discharged no one can take the title of Marine away from me. I thank my family and friends for their support and love. Today is just the start of the rest of my life. Semper Fi.”

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