France resuscitates the left and right parties

By Alejandra Rojo, Isidoro Arriola, Rafael López and Patricia Martínez

In the video Hollande explains that if this French elections isn´t a national election because that will influence the course of the European Union too.

Hollande celebrate the result of the first round.

The first round of the French elections confirms the socialist candidate, François Hollande, 28% of the votes. As favorite for the second round, he puts in trouble the capacity of Sarkozy’s party of connect with the new generation and the working class of the conservative ideology, who has vote for Marine Le Pen.

The conclusions for the first round, with data of the Gallic interior ministry are that the Socialist Party has so much possibilities of recapture the presidency, 17 years after.

There weren´t surprises; 35 million people went to vote. The share stood at 70,59%. At the end, the most predictable results take place; Hollande should impose to Sarkozy, 56% versus 44% .For the first time in the fifth republic, a president that stands out isn´t the first in the first round of elections.

With his hyperactivity, his cocky outbursts and also some broken promises, Sarkozy has pushed to many of his old supporters, and also 4.5 million new voters to political extremism. Has promoted the revival of a classic weak left and even confirmed to Marine Le Pen as a leader ultra much closer and understandable that his father and, therefore, much more dangerous. The result reveals that Le Pen steals many supports to Sarkozy.

Between he and Hollande must dispute in the next two weeks the votes of that 44.5% of citizens who on Sunday, gave its support to any of the eight other candidates who attended the vote.

It is quite possible that Hollande will add to its 28.5% Mélenchon forces, Eva Joly and two other candidates from the hard left that would contribute about a 2% of the votes. But this amount would represent only the 43.6% of the votes.

On Sarkozy’s hand, is rather unlikely that the leader of the UMP will have the full support of the FN and achieve a score of 45.24%, as many supporters of Le Pen are disenchanted with him and no way want to help him stay at the l’Élysée, the headquarters of the presidency of the French Republic.

The trouble is there and they have two weeks to unravel the problem. The only two true facts are that Sarkozy is the only outgoing president of the Fifth Republic, who does not lead the first round. And according to the latest popularity poll conducted by TNS Sofres in April, the 63% of French have a negative opinion of the current head of state, Sarkozy. Therefore the result of the first lap was pretty bittersweet, specially for Sarkozy.


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