Syrian Civil War: an international problem.

Since January 2011Syriais on great trouble, the population had rise against Baath party’s government and his president Bashar Al-Assad.

The National Syrian Council (NSC) is the main member of the opposition and it have on his hand the rule of most of the troops of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). During the last months the NSC had take the control of most of the important cities of the country, but since May 2011 the governmental troops had developed an offensive against those rebel cities, creating really humanitarian disasters as is happening right now on Homs (a city near the Lebanon’s border) where forces of the FSA are still resisting with the support of the population the siege of the Syrian Army and others militias in favor of Al-Assad’s regime, which bomb everyday the city killing civil population indiscriminately.


This situation and the rumors about the alleged support which Al-Assad’s regime is receiving fromRussiaorIran’s governments had scandalized the international community. But any real action had been took to stop those crimes: China and Russia had vetoed on the UN’s Security Council any kind of military intervention, because they had very important interest on the zone (Russian Federation had per example a military naval base on Syria which is a vital resupplying base for their ships on the Mediterranean and the Black Sea). It’s true that some countries or institutions had imposed sanctions against Syria (as the European Union or the Arab League that had cancelled Syrian participation on this organization), but others countries had only say that the Government should stop the aggression and to develop a peaceful solution.Image

The last 12th April a cease fire promoted by the former UN General Secretary Kofi Annan came into force. But this truce hasn’t been respected by any part; it’s a failure of the international community.

Written by Marta Saguar, María Cortes, Andrea Sánchez and Víctor Corvera


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