Argentina´s national revival

This last months we have been witnesses of a new wave of political game and diplomatic movements from the Casa Rosada (Argentina’s version of the white house)  in an effort to obtain some international attention and good critics and opinion within its borders.

First of all started with a renovated campaign against Uk sovereignty over the islands. In early 2012 and because of the presence of one of the members of the British royal family (Prince William) with the army and the arrival of a British navy vessel the Argentine government started and offensive in the media. They reopened old wounds and claimed the devolution of falklands at once. This led to several responses and critics from the international community and a wave of support to Cristina Kirchner from its fellow citizens. This overreaction may be understood in a climate of national criticism because of the international economic crisis and the lack of good national policies that are eroding its popularity.

But after this point we just realise that it was the tip of the iceberg. Without expectation the Argentinian government made an announcement: they would retake YPF (Argentina´s petrol company under control by Spanish REPSOL) to national control because as they said “ petrol resources from Argentina should be Argentinian”.  Repsol had a contract in which he owned YPF in condition of providing a series of energetic infrastructure to make the possible future investment in the newly discovered oil wells profitable and worthy. However the government alleged that Repsol didn’t accomplished with these conditions and they would take control over YPF without economic compensation. Repsol answered back saying that they truly invested over 11 billion euro but these statement has not been taken into account by the country officials. Behind these political movement against repsol lies a complex workout to win national support back with the awakening of the national feeling within argentinians and also achieve a better deal with chinese enterprises as rumors are spreading. However argentina cannot miss follow the international rules about trade and in case a of a possible future sell the new owner would have to pay the compensation to repsol.

In any case the first answer by the spanish international company was to stop the supply of liquid natural gas to argentina rising the price about 21 to 40 percent. The Argentine officials are complaining about the decision of the company however this can interprete as a lack of morality by the government.

Along with these the argentine olympic team has done a video about an athlete training in falkland island with a clear subjacent message: falklands is theirs and they won’t give up fighting. This video is in the line with the actions that they are taking about repsol and others showing wounds of old times are not yet healed.

One thing is very clear: the government of Cristina Kirchner is waking up again national feeling and winning support but at the price of international and economical distrust.

“YPF oil tanks in Argentina”


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