Chinese Gymnastics Kids

Training with Tears, Sweat, & Dreams

Date: May 11, 2012

By: Ananda Araujo Cerdan,Ibón Joung, Sara Setién, Eduardo Márquez and Virginia Mazón

Kids between three and seven years old, the young gymnasts are put through a rigorous stretching routine by their instructors during a training session every day.

Just one movement repeated so many times every second. One set of movements practiced for five years. Every year, more than 30 children, under the age of 12, join the gymnastics teams, but just some are able to continue, so many talented children give up on training.

Hanging in there: These boys are made to perform handstand or hang from high bars.

Pain is present every day in their life’s

The main goal of these trainings is to create new powerful athletes. Children from their babyhood are trained to the extreme of hearting their health, taking pills as strange drugs or substance to render. Most of the times the instructors forced the children including girls to take pills to remain small, main reason of why women that have already turned to 30 cannot menstruate, have not breast and hairless.

These kids spend almost their whole childhood training with Tears, Sweat, & Dreams. Some of them can be champions, maybe, but most of them are just treated with abusing for nothing. For china to be the winner is the only important thing, their intention is not an economic demonstration but to show their country power.

If one child stars to cry, it will prompt the entire group of children to cry, and the more they cry, the louder it gets. It doesn’t matter if they cry or they miss their parents, all the children are picked up and interned in a special centre for athletes where they are not able to go out and they are trained very hard the full day. Their parents usually have just one day a week to visit their children, but because China is a huge country and the majority of the population has almost no money is quiet normal that they don’t see them more than once a year.

The Chinese Gymnastics Kids are subjects to hard exercises such as holding a bar with the hands supporting all their body weight. And just the child that stays longer will be the one who deserve to eat. Isn’t this treat violating children rights?

Many of these children could do whatever just to get a hug or a kiss from their parents, and most of them wishes not to wake up again. Every day is another terrific day in their lifes. And all these, what’s for?  For those who doesn’t reach the top, in the future will engage in prostitution, begging or ending up trapped in the world of drugs.

More than 30 children under the age of 12 begin their daily eight-hour training regime at one of the country’s two national gymnastic trampoline training bases in China’s southeast Fujian province. The children have been selected from around the province, to take lessons in the Fuzhou City Sports School where the aim of training is to prepare athletes from the early age.


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