Continue the fight against the Trafficking and the Child labor in Peru

On May 9, 2012, the NGO’s CHS Alternativo and Huarayo presented a report “Trafficking in Madre de Dios region”, to make a denounce of the situation of the children and the women which are the most unfavorable sectors of the population still living.

Madre de Dios, is one of the most affected departments in Peru by the illegal mining, the report indicates that the 59% of the victims are of cases of sexual exploitation, and the 30% are from labor exploitation. Is limiting with Brazil and has a very big gold exploitation.

One of the activists of the NGO’s that made this report declares that “It’s possible that the number of the cases has decreased, because of the implication of the police as they are making more frequently operations and investigations in this issue”.  The president of the Congressional Judiciary Committee Alberto Beingolea says, this problem affects more to the “Particularly vulnerable populations that require participation of the State” as it’s a inconspicuous problem.

Guadalupe, manages the only shelter in Mazuko, situated in Madre de Dios, where refugee minors and adults that get away from the trafficking organizations that are due to the bars where the informal miners look for sexual workers.

The NGO’S also pointed out that “It’s really difficult to have information of the crime of illegal mining, due to the lack of complaints and the distance of the places where the mining exploitation is located, and the violence around it, these types of exploitations are mostly near to the brothels, where they work women and minors that were taken there with the promise of working as a waitresses in a pub, a restaurant or a hostel”.  According to the information provided by the director of the NGO Huarayo, in that place 212 minors were victims of the child trafficking during the first two months of the year 2012. On the other hand, in a national level, on the 7th of May,2012, the police informed that during all this year 173 minors were victims of the trafficking, and 390 people involved were catched for this crime.

Child labor in Peru

Children working in Peru

The conditions of the child labor are really unfavorable:  working hours exceeding the maximum limits established by national law for an adult worker, minimum salaries, the non existence of labor rights and precarious jobs.  The president of Peru, Ollanta Humala Tasso announced in the discourse of the International Labor Day (1st May, 2012) some measures in order to eradicate the child labor, supporting by his base of a social inclusion strategy. He declares that “My ideal is with the culmination our Government, there won’t be more children working, it would be their parents who’ll carry the livelihood to their homes”.  To achieve this objective there is a National Strategy for the Prevention and the Eradication of the Child labor which consists in: Increase the average income of the families, reducing the tolerance of the child labor, increase attendance and reduce the school backwardness in children and teenagers in primary and secondary education, increase safe environments for teen labor and generate social protection environments.


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