Obama is in favour of gay marriage


U.S.President Barack Obama has been in favor of legalizing gay marriage, but admitting that is a personal assessment and has supported the U.S. states are to decide.

Obama has recognized that it is an “evolution” of his thinking on the issue after talking with several members of his administrtion who are gay, with his wife and daughter. The preseident had been pressured in recent days by the Democratic Party and vice president, Joe Biden, to be shown for these civil unions.

Obama has said that is a personal position, but he hopes more americans willl join in this movement when gays and lesbians to marry, saying that his own daugters were comfortable with this fact, having friends with same-sex parents.

“Iterestingly, the issue has something generational”, he assured. “ When I go to college campuses, students talk about republicans who think that i have terrible policies on enconomics, foreign policy, but when it comes to equality between the sexes, are in favor of gender equality”, he stated.

Obama emphasized that his wife Michelle Christian religion to point out that we must treat others as you want to be treated to one. So far, Obama had been in favor of civil unions between homosexuals the same rights as married heterosexual couples, but without recognizing it as a “marriage”.



Obama said in 2004 as a Senate candidate who was Christian and that tradition and religious beliefs made him think that marriage was something “sacred between man and woman”. During the presidential election campaign of 2008, maintained its own oposition to the designation of marriage, although he advocated civil unios. In an interview in October 2011, Obama recognized that see homosexual partners and friends with you partner and their children was having impact on his thinking on the issue.

The president faces reelection in November, so this decisión could have a strong effect on his campaig. On Tuesday, the population of North Carolina coted against allowing gay marriages.

The favourite candidate of the republican party for election to th White House, Mitt Romney, opposes to gay marriage. When in 2004 Massachusetts became the first state to approve it, Romney, who was governor of that región, tried to stop it through justice.

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