Animal attack during safari: animal or human fault ?

Safari was originally a hunting expedition, especially for Central and South Africa. A group of hunters came into African forests for several days.
Currently, the term often applies to rides in open cars to observe wildlife in parks or reserves. Lions, elephants and other large animals are usually the main attractions.
Africa has many reservations that can be visited safari style, especially in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

People always want to know more and more about the wild life and this curiosity may become in trouble.  On the past may 6, in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, a women was attacked by two cheetahs at the Kragga Kamma game park, which is a park where all the animals roam freely, unrestricted in natural surroundings, is a friendly park where no hunting or other disturbance of the game is permitted, also you can go on your own vehicle and take a drive into the park or choose to go with a tour guide.

Violet D’Mello was attacked by the two brother cheetahs, Mark and Monty, they were taking pictures with the cheetahs and were still in the petting are when one of the cats grabbed an 8-year-old girl by the leg, and right away Violet D’Melllo tried to stop the attack, the girl ran safe but both animals turned on her direction in a savage attack that lasted a little more than three minutes before the guide pushed the animals back with a stick. The woman tried to play dead during the attack while the cheetahs bitted her head, stomach and legs, “I just remember… something biting my head and dragging me down” declared Violet; her husband was so terrified with the attack that he didn’t really realize what was going on and kept taking pictures.

This wasn’t the first time that occurred and incident in this park and with the cheetahs, in June 2009 Michelle Bodenheimer of Portland, Oregon, had been attacked by the cheetahs when she visited the game park with his husband. “I am heartbroken to see that Kragga Kamma did not learn from my unfortunate experience” pointed Michelle.

“The attacks are not the fault of the cats because they could have been prevented. They are wild animals, which we tend to forget. People simply should not be allowed in the enclosure with these beautiful, wild creatures,” exclaim Bodenheimer.

Also this week a couple on honeymoon was spending their time in the Kruger National Park, Johannesburg, videotaped an elephant coming to attack their hiking group. Accord to the them, they were getting closer to a herd of elephants with young elephants among them, they quickly moved away but a female elephant stormed at them, she only stopped when the rangers shot at her, making her stop about  11 meters from the hikers.

“It was one of the most difficult situations I have ever been in. On the one hand you want to look back to see what is happening, but on the other hand you also want to see where to run to,” said Kamffer on Tuesday, “Already we have a nice story to tell our grandchildren one day.”

Fortunately in both cases no one get serious injury and no animal had to be killed to stop the attack, what happen in some cases, so is it right to go out looking for the animals, getting in their habitat and when an attack happen shot him and everything is ok?


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