A bit closer to China

Interviewer: Eduardo Márquez Cáceres

Name: Cong

Surname: Li

Age: 31

Interview of International observatory

  1. 1.       What is your origin country?


  1. 2.       In which city do you live and which is your origin one?


  1. 3.       In which city do you work?


  1. 4.       In which company do you work?

RPZ GROUP. It is a Spanish company which has a representation office in my city.

5.       Which are the businesses of your company?

Importation of gift items

6.       What do you do in the company?

I carry the management of the representation office in China

7.       You know the Chinese and the Spanish market; could you indicate the principal similarities and differences from your knowledge and experience?

China and Spain are countries with a very different culture and habits. In China we have a hard discipline at work, and we try to save money in the present to provide us a better future. I have worked in Spain for a long time, and I could appreciate that save money in your country passes to a second place, you prefer to enjoy the present and dedicate all time as you can for leisure activities wasting lot of money. I don´t want to say that your style of life is worse than mine, but are just very different.

8.       There is a good commercial relationship between China and Spain?

Yes, now there is a good commercial relationship. We can see in business fairs how each year there are more Spanish companies working in China, and since few years ago we can see how the Spanish colony in our country has grown.

9.       Which are the most demanded products by China in Spain? And the most demanded market?

In China we export all type of products around the entire world, and for Spain is the same, the exportations are increasing. The Chinese government has been able to apply a business policy which covers all market sectors, from electronics, textile, shoes, agricultural products, machinery, and in the sector I work exists a huge variety of products such as umbrellas, pens, household items, electronics products, travel articles… Nowadays China is the factory of the world.

10.   Why do you think China is economically successful?

Our government, not so many years ago, had the necessity of maintain a population of more than 1.400 million people. Our politicians realized that the only possible solution was to produce products for all different sectors with very competitive prices, but its principal objective was that all people could have a plate of food at home. They used the philosophy of a cheap labor to be more competitive in international markets, to safe its population and eliminate the terrible famine.

11.   China does not have a good relationship with the environment about the media said, is it true?; where do you think is the problem?; as a Chinese citizen, which solutions could be applied?, do you know about any solution that the government has carry out in order to solve these problems?; do you think it is a good way to solve these problems? Are you satisfied with the Chinese government activities to solve the environment?

When the real industrial revolution started in China in the 80´s, we started to build factories in al south-east zone of the country. Nobody at that time, neither companies nor the Government thought about environment, there were other priorities. Nowadays is very different because fortunately China has changed its way of think and in all new construction factories or companies a principal requirement is be careful with our environment. China still has a lot to do, but it is in the good way. In the automotive sector the grown of the cars has been huge, a 300% more than ten years ago, that’s a big reason for the pollution that suffers the Chinese cities.

I hope the Chinese government is going to do all necessary to control pollution and conserve our wonderful environment.

12.   Nowadays can you see a big variety of social classes in the street?

It is becoming less in big cities. Ten years ago started to be a middle class which before does not exists. Nowadays, China is more focused on its own domestic economy, due to the growth of this new middle class in the rural population. You can still see how the peasants live in really bad conditions, and the 60% of the total population is rural. Steps are slow and we have to continue working, but we have improved compared to decades ago.

13.   China is a big global economic power, but its population has also suffer the famine, because of natural disasters such as floods caused by the Yellow River in the 50’s which left more than 2 million victims. Are there attendants yet in the Chinese population because of these disasters? Have you ever suffered the consequences of one of these disasters?

Since I was young I have lived real cruel situations. When I was a child, due to overflow of river I had to go to school for a month in a very small boat, something which is normal for people who live near to a river. Because of our climatology in central and south-west zones, we suffer inclement weather every year. For big rains with over time there are more measures to try to avoid big disasters, such as the huge prey called in Spanish “Las tres gargantas”, which is the biggest one of the world, and it has been built to avoid the overflow of the river. This prey is in the zone of Luhan, and it allowed relocating more than two million people in a new population area.

Cong in the biggest prey of the world called “las tres gargantas”


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