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INTERVIEW “Victor Carro Balin”




     Victor Carro Balin; he was born is 1957 in San Antonio, Texas(E.E.U.U); while his father was in the US Air Force; when he was 4 years old he moved to Spain, to another base in Moron de la Frontera, in Sevilla. He finished highschool and he decided to become a lawyer, he studied in Madrid in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, in his second year he went to New York to continue there his studies but he had to come back to Spain because of personal issues. He graduated and he studied a Master in Barcelona in the IESE. Although he studied that and he was one of the best lawyers in his área, his real dream was to become an artista.

He began to draw for magazines as Vogue, Marie Claire, The European.

     In 1975 after Francos death he moved to San Francisco, but he only stayed there for 3 months and then went to New York and he worked for a gallery in the Soho, 4 years later went back to Spain, to work in decoration magazines as a stylist for magazines in Spain and all around the world focusing in the United Estates.

     In 1984 he went back to Florida to work  as a decorator in parties for famous people.

     He has never voted in the United States but neither in Spain because he doesnt believe in none of the governments, but because of his sexuality he is more a democrat than a republican.

     In 2000 he went to Portugal, while he was working in Lisboa for a magazine called Casa y Campo, he had a neurism and he went into a deep coma for 14 months, and since then he hasnt been able to work or further more,a dn he has been painting and selling and exhibition of all his work.

     Nowadays he lives in Madrid(La Moraleja) working as a painter, taking care of his sick father.


What do you miss the most of the United States?

–       The bohemian life style that i lived and a realy enjoyed in New York and in San Francisco and Miami, and most of my friends that they are still living there.


What do you think about the political ideas of the Republican Party and the way they acted and above of it the way that the expresident George W. Bush acted?

–       “ I throw up on Bush face”

–       I think that their ideas are old, that they have not modernised at all and that they pressure the minoritarian gropus,(inmigrants< homosexuals, black and por people. And about the way they have acted i think that they have really influence other countries as Spain, its like if it was the law of the stronger, that in this case was George Bush.


Do you support any of the wars that were carried by the United States during the last decades?

–       Absolutely no! Peace instead of war, I think that the wars werent to prevent comunism but to get to control Natural Resources as Petrol, Gas… And about the Cold War i think that the government acted reaaly good by not to enter in another world conflicto, that why i support the power of the Word instead of the power of the weapons. In fact i was in all the manifestation against the war and to defend the freedom and the workers.


What do you think about Obama’s Health Care program?

–       I support him because ive got Cancer and if it wasnt because of the spanish Health Care and if i was living in the US, i would have died because not many people are able to afford to pay that much that costs the treatment. I think that is much like the european model of health care and im really calm that he wants top ut the same system back in the States.


What do you think about Obamasidea to support homosexual marrieges and furthermore?

       -I agree but only in the marrieges, but the adoptions i think that they would have to be studied each case always to look after the benefit of the child. But i  think that the society has to improve a lot for the adoptions, in much other countries, the homosexuals are supported, but they dont have the chance to adopt.

I think this way because how can a five year old kid, its gonna be able to explain in class to the rest of his classmates that he hasnt got a mother or a father or that he has 2 fathers or two mothers, this is difficult, because the society hasnt developt till there yet, i think that the marrieges are the first step to keep on with this contemporanious idea.




I choose him because he has lived a lot of experiences, he was born in the United States and he has been living there too; and above of it because is a person that i really respect and which i enjoy his company a lot. And i can always talk to him about anything.Image


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