First meeting between Merkel and the new French president François Hollande

Patricia Martínez,Rafael López, Alejandra Rojo and Isidoro Arriola


The president of France has been received in his first state visit after his investiture , by Angela Merkel in Berlin today, after he arrived, they have a meeting to deal the most important matter of their mandate, for example the Greek  situation has been the most common theme.

The meeting has been preceded by several tensions between the different parties, the socialist political parties think that Merkel can’t decide the future of Europe, and Merkel think that Europe have a single currency and this leads a series of common responsibilities.

It was thought that after 17 years without being elected the French socialist party, maybe Hollande will take advantage of this new cycle in Europe and could make a particular ¨war¨ with Merkel, although it could be a little risky ,but despite the problems that it had been raised about the differences between them, finally they have agreed in many  things, for example that Greece should be continue in the euro zone and they are going to help in order to grow back the country, because Greece is a country that belongs to the European Union and the other countries have to help and find solutions, despite of what happened in Greece few days go about  the failure intention in the negotiations to form a new government, after the elections of may 6 .

They are aware that their countries are major powers ,and this have responsibilities in order  to be able to find among all , solutions to support the growth, in order to  gain more dynamism without leaving the rigor.

Few days ago Merkel has already declared again that the fiscal policy will remain unchanged, but Hollande won the elections with other opposite thought, in favor the growth and he opposes the austerity, and Merkel preached.

After all this Merkel has received to Hollande in Berlin, with all the formalities, where Hollande has been willing to negotiate the fiscal pact, although it won´t change, but he wants to add something more, to support the growth, that will be studied in more detail the next May 23.

The two powers have always been for decades the shaft of the European Union and also the initiator of its integration, like when Sarkozy and Merkel began, they had serious differences but more later they were be able to cooperate as a ¨team¨. And is following the same line with Hollande in the power.

Despite the rejection of change the fiscal pact that was signed by 25 countries of the European Union and already ratified by Portugal and Greece, Merkel has ceded to complete the pact a little bit with stimulus measures to boost growth, but without being subsidized with new credits.

Hollande has been proposed several point in order to resolve the crisis like strengthen the role of the European bank in terms of investment, issuing European debt to finance projects on infrastructure, also include a tax in financial transactions and encourage the payment of the structural funds that are still pending.

After all the expectancy generated, has not been so bad, nobody expected or almost nobody expected that the first meeting between Merkel and Hollande was so productive.


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