Interview to Antonio Gonzalez Losa

Antonio is a chemist with a long professional career that nowadays works and lives in Kuwait. He is a quality manager, environment and prevention, although in this interview, he will tell us his experience developing the same work, but, in a country totally different from Kuwait, Mexico.


Antonio with a native.

1.Why did you decided to move to Mexico?

Due to a job expectations generated by the crisis. An opportunity arose and I took it.

2.How long did you stay there?

Two and a half years

3.What work did you develop there?¿Did you go by yourself or with a job vacancies?

I worked as quality manager, environment and prevention in the delegation of Obrascon Huarte Laín, S. A. (OHL), a constuction company. I had a previous contract with the company.

4.How was the beginning of the adaptation?

It was not too difficult, because the language and customs come mostly from Spain, so the period of adaptation was fast.

5.What were the main differences between your country and Mexico?

The most striking difference is the social situation in Mexico, there is an obvious big gap between the rich and poor, however a middle class is beginning to develop. There is also much more crime than spain. The language and customs are not very different however.

6.How do you see the security in Mexico? And the labor situation?

It is a very uncertain country, although it depends on the region, city and neighborhood where you live. In Mexico City, poor and rich neighborhoods are mixed, so that sales of upscale residential area and you find abject poverty. There is a high level of corruption and this creates, of course, insecurity.
Labor relations are very different from Spain. In Mexico there are hardly any better working benefits because people are dependent on companies. Working conditions are nothing like those in Spain. On the contrary, being a developing country with great wealth, raising many job opportunities and business. In the years of my stay in Mexico, official statistics gave between 5 and 6% unemployment.

7.What did you learn during your experience in that región?

There is another way of life that makes you question your thoughts, your habits, your social concepts and values scale.

Professionally, the experience caused no change any at the level of learning and technical concepts.

8.Apart from family and friends, what else do you miss about your home country?

The way of life in Mexico is very similar to the spanish and, thankfully, you can find everything (although somethings very expensive), so do not miss too much. Just highlight the Spanish custom of “tapas”.

9.How could you sum up the time that you lived there?

A good experience to reconsider the criteria of personal value scale. Moreover, the lifestyle is very similar to the spanish and this makes you do not feel in a strange country.

10.If you were offered to work again in Mexico, would you accept it? Why?

Although I would prefer to work in another country other than spain, I would not mind going back to Mexico because, as I have indicated, it is a welcoming country toward the Spanish. They speak the same language and the vast majority of the customs come from Spain. However, you must be very careful where you move in Mexico and with whom you choose to interact with.


Celia García


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