Interview with Eloá Isique

by Veronica Assencio Guerrero


She’s a Brazilian woman, my mother’s friend who now live in Angola, working. She works with party promotion and party decoration and any kind of events. Before decide which career to follow she traveled around the world to get a huge knowledge of culture, behavior, traditions, to really know the places and left all stereotypes behind, to get her own conclusion and impressions.

During a period in her life, she decided to left his job aside for a while and engaged in law school, although after five years almost buried in books and laws, she tried a little to work as a lawyer but she didn’t like it, going back to promote parties and after some years she move to Luanda, Angola’s capital.


– How came the idea to go to Angola?

Actually I never really think about in let my job and go out to live abroad again, but someday some Angolan friends were travelling in Brazil and they invited me to decorate hers daughter wedding in Luanda, as I had never visited Angola before and I couldn’t say no to this request, and then after the wedding an opportunity to work there came out and I decided to take it.


–  So you liked so much that you decided to take a chance and start a new life?

Yes, first it was supposed to be just a travel, but when the opportunity came I really felt tempted to take it and I did, moreover I would love to really know this continent, that can be more interesting than what the other think.


– How was the first time you get in touch with the people in Luanda, when you started to work? Did you felt some kind of prejudice?

The contact was fantastic, the people are very polite, they care about the culture, they have joy and kindness, I really didn’t felt any kind of prejudice, totally different compared with the relationship that we have with the Black people in Brazil due to all the slavery in the past, here I have always been treated very well, from the humblest people to wealthy people.


-Which region of the country you live, and how long? There are many civil conflicts in this area ? How the people react to the government?

I live in Luanda, Angola’s capital, a city of 8 million people, and I came here in 2009 so I’m here for 4 years now. There is no longer war nowadays, the conflict ended in 2002 but it lasted 27 years, and before that was the conflict for the independence of Angola, today they really care to rebuild the country and move forward, the economy here is based in petroleum oil, diamonds and minerals. The actual president is 35 years in the power, and the people seem very comfortable with that, I’ve never saw confrontations or complaints about the government.


-As we all know Africa is a continent with many problems, have you notice any of these problems on your day-by-day? What are the impressions that most caught your attention?

In other countries there is a lot of problem that need to be solved, but here in Angola these conflict no longer exists, as I said they are concerned to rebuild the country, generate employment and the health care. What most struck me about these people is that despite all the war and suffering they had, they are very polite and kind and they really want no more conflicts, now only matters to enjoy the life, make friends, and they have great value to the family. I came here at the invitation of a good friend and I was received as daughter, cared as like as a sister and many, many times I was presented, very cheerful, as the white sister.


-How do you analyze the local culture and the life they have, and you found most different about Brazil?

The local culture is very rich, with customs, dances, music, clothes, food, everything has a story. The customs here are very similar with some we have in Brazil, the rhythms, the food, the only thing different here, is that they give great value and have more concerned to the elders and woman.


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