Interview with Miriam Maldonado, Italy


Miriam is an Italian woman that came to Spain searching for a better salary, she had a job at her country, a family, but the dream of buying a new home made her come to Spain, where indeed, she managed to have that extra amount of money, the last year she finished the new home at Italy. Now, she wants to have the money saved for her childrens high school. Since she has been in Spain working, her family has abtaines a better level of life, being able to buy a new car. Miriam was born in Naples, Italy in 1961. There she lived with her parents, later she got married, had children and started working in a hospital, until 2006, at which time she came to Spain and work since then as a house maid in Madrid. On weekends she works as treasurer of an association of immigrants, which covers various nationalities, in a church in Madrid.
A year after she came, her daughter Jessica came to Spain, Jessica also works in the same sector as her mother, and also in the same family as her.
On several occasions she has returned to Italy to see her family. Also, last year she become grandmother, as one of her sons married and has a child.


Q1) Did you have any problems adapting to get here?
Well, actually, no, I felt very comfortable, it was quick the adaptation. I think that’s because of the similar cultures that both countries have, being mediterranean and being very similar.

Q2) And there was no rejection of xenophobia or racism?                                                                                           No, I had no such problems. I personally know some stories about this kind of things happening, but normally they do not involve people coming from Europe.

Q3) Then you think that Spain welcomes immigrants well?
It depends. Although I think overall it has availed itself. If you know adapt to their customs and way of life there is no problem.

Q4) Did you have trouble getting started here or are you happy with how has all gone?
No, I had no problems, everything went well, I feel like at home.           

Q5) How did you get work if you did not have papers?
No, when you are European you do not need those documents,, with a European passport you can work legally, and you just need the contract.

Q6) Do you think that an immigrant may have more trouble getting a job?
Depends on the company and who you will interview. But I think what influences are your capabilities and not the fact of being an immigrant or not. At least, that was my case, of course I know there are other cases in which they have preferences, and discrimination.

Q7) Do you think there are immigrants who come from a similar situation to yours, do not act correctly?
Yes, as everywhere, there are people who do things right, sometimes not, but that happens regardless of where you are from.

Q8) Your life is better in Spain than in Italy?
My life in Spain is practically the same as in Italy, some aspects have changed, but overall I do the same, and my routine has not changed drastically.

Q9) Would you like, to go back to Italy?
Yeah, when I came here I had the intentions of returning, initially at 3 years, but I’m going now for 6. But even so, I intend to return to my country some day.

Q10) You want to stay in Spain?
No. It is not that I have something against it. But I’d like to reconnect with my roots and return to Italy.

Q11) Is the situation so bad in Italy to have such a large influx of people into Spain?
The truth is that both really are now at same level, and when I came so were not sure if the influx is so or not, I came for work, the truth is that I have not much interest in the subject.

Q12) How are you at work?
Well, quiet good and without any problem. They treat me well and I have great flexibility in schedules.

Q13) Have you worked on something else before?
Yes, in Italy, I worked in a hospital.

By Rafael López San Martín.


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