Interview with the Chief Executive Officer of HP Spain and Portugal.

Las Rozas 7 de mayo de 2012

[By Antonio Crespo]

I decided to do my interview to the actual Managing Director and CEO of Spanish and Portuguese Hewlett Packard (HP) subsidiaries. He is a great expert of the american technology market, and actually, works moving along Spain and the U.S, in particolare, Palo Alto, (California) where HP has it´s Head Quarter. I strongly believe that the technology market in the U.S in a very important topic because it´s growth over the last few years. It has a strong impact on the American economy and I found very interesting how this type of business works. I also believe that in our actual world, technology is and will be an increasable fact, that´s way I felt curiosity about this market on the near future.

 A.C: What is now your job?

     CEO: I currently work in Hewlett Packard (HP) as CEO of the Spanish and Portuguese subsidiaries.

 A.C: What were your other functions in the past on this company?

 CEO: I began working in HP twenty-four years ago in the department of tax advice. Then I worked as Controller and finally as administrative and financial director before moving to HP’s services business where I spent ten years before being appointed CEO of the company.

 A.C: What is your overall assessment of the technology market in the U.S.?

 CEO: The market for U.S. information technology is the most important in the world, not only for its size in absolute terms (over 4.5 billion dollars), but also in relative terms because the corporations and the U.S. economy is which invests the highest percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in information Technology, almost 6% compared with rates like Japan or the United Kingdom 3.5% (4%) or only 1.5% in our country. It is also important to note that far from being reduced this differential has increased in recent years and is perhaps one of the reasons that explain the higher rates of productivity and competitiveness of the U.S. economy. Finally, it is important to note that the United States is the country of origin and place of location of the matrices of most large technology companies in the world.

 A.C: Where does this market run to?

 CEO: In the technology sector is always committed to make predictions about market direction. Many of the trends were difficult to predict today consolidated five years ago. In the short to medium term the market for information technology is characterized by the following parameters: Explosion increasing volumes of information to be managed and interpreted and available at any time and from anywhere (Big Data). Commoditization of technology infrastructures and processing services from the network (Cloud). Mobility (Mobility). Growing concern for the safety and availability (Security and Availability).

 A.C: What are the leading companies in the U.S. technology market?

 CEO: Depending on the sectors. As companies covering all segments of the most important are HP and IBM. Software companies like Microsoft or Oracle. Apple consumption in computing. In services around the network companies like Google, Facebook are the outstanding leaders.

 A.C: What do you think about Facebook’s entry in the stock market?

 CEO: It is a natural movement. Companies need capital to continue growing and to get the usual formula is to go to the capital markets of the capital by placing the company to third party investors interested. Nevertheless, given the volatility of financial markets right now, this IPO is a movement with some level of risk if it is true that the situation of U.S. financial markets is far more stable today than those of the old continent.

A.C: What growth strategy follows today is HP?

 CEO: HP focuses in different ranges of products and services in three main market segments: Consumer and individuals, small and medium enterprises and large corporations. Each of them is problematic and has different technology needs, we try to respond from our various ranges of products and services, along the lines of market development have been reported previously: Information management, cloud services, security and mobility. Additionally there is a strong focus on emerging market economies and behaviors that have exponentially increasing technology investment (China, Brazil, etc…).

 A.C: Is HP a pioneer in today’s technological market area? Does this affect the U.S. economy?

 CEO: HP is the largest technology company turnover in the world market (over 125 bllion dollars) and employs over 300,000 people worldwide. This puts HP at number 10 on Fortune’s ranking of the largest U.S. companies. HP is a leading global market of PC, printers, servers and services standard. Technologies such as inkjet printers are HP’s patents and its laboratories come every year hundreds of patents and inventions. Its products and services are used daily by millions of people, businesses and governments in the world, so it is a company with a clear influence on the U.S. economy and global economy.


 A.C: What goals have HP in Spain?

 CEO: Establish itself as the technology leader in the Spanish market. Be the technology partner of reference for our customers from technology to support their business, achieving the highest levels of satisfaction among our customers and becoming the preferred company to work for our employees as we continue increasing employment and attracting talent.


 A.C: What is the future of HP in Spain?

 CEO: As stated in the preceding paragraph, the goal of HP in Spain is, first, establish itself as the leader in the market for information technology and the other to remain within the HP group a subsidiary investment destination. Currently over 40% of the 9000 employees who constitute the workforce in Spain no longer work for the Spanish market but for international markets and the company has in Spain’s largest I+D+I lab in the area of imaging and printing the company has outside the United States. To achieve this it is essential that every day we get to bring value to our customers getting the technology contributes to the success of their business, and secondly to demonstrate HP Corporation that their investments in Spain have the best return.



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