Interview with Welinton Bernardes

Interview made by Larissa Duarte Lourenço 

Interview with Welinton Bernardes, a Brazilian entrepreneur of the health business area that lives in Angola for his business. He has six business including a hospital and several health clinics  Unisaude, Pracs, SGH. Neofarma and Nova Africa.

How the idea of expanding your business to Angola came?

– It was trough a friend; he already had business here for 15 years.

Which were the main differences, related to you adaptation?

-When we arrive here, was six months that the war was over. Beyond all the difficulties (and pain) of a people that was fighting a war for 27 years all was missing, including the essential as food and basic health. Our first business here was a medicine distributer, until today it is a reference here in Sub-Saharan Africa.

When did you moved to Angola?

-There’s been 10 years. At the year of 2002.

What was the image you have of African Countries before you go to Angola? And how is the reality that you found?

-That they would be a sad and closed people, revolted and dangerous. The people is good and has all the acceptance with the expatriates. Inside Africa, there is a lot of “Africas”, and I’m not talking about the North of Africa, where are the countries that speak Arabic. But, all of them suffered with the speculation and extraction of the settlers countries. There are wealthy countries with a lot of poverty that is the case of Angola, as also have a lot of poor countries with a lot of misery.

As a professional in the area of health, do you think that the situation of diseases in Africa is improving?

– Yes, it has improved a lot, essentially in function of the formation of the human material, a lot of graduates are coming back to their homeland. After the end of the Angola’s war.

Do you have an optimist or a pessimist vision of Africa? Why?

– Compleatly optimist. The world is all in Africa somehow. Today a many contries invest in Africa, mainly the Chinese, searching for mineral wealth.

Which recent events that most caught your attention?

– Exists an attempt there is still shy, of a change of the Governments. Ther is a movement of new awakening, for democracies, varorization of the man and their culture, independent of their tribe or belief. There are new “winds” arriving in Africa, a new continent will rise.


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