Mexico, in his best moment for investing



During the XIX Congress of the Mexican Foreign Trade,  which took place yesterday, the National Action Party candidate, and the only woman on the presidential elections, Josefina Vazquez Mota, proclaimed the country moves into one of the best times to invest becouse of their economic Stability. She used the event to launch a message that appealed to the agreements, saying the country needs reconciliation.

Were’re looking for freedom, for a Mexico without corruption, without impunity, and of course, a Mexico of peace, trust; any proposal from my competitors will be considered  because it is time for the Mexico of reconciliation, of unity, of trust”

In the forum, Vazquez said that, i case of winning the election next 1 July, she will improve the relations with United States and also with Canada.

Former Secretary of State said that her government will be in favor of structural reforms toraise productivity of national firms and to invest more to improve channels of communication. The National Party Action candidate reiterated his stance of forming the militarized national police to fight organized crime, reduce the number of seats in the upper House, as well as being in favor of the re-election of mayors. After that, Vazquez focused his speech on the economy.

Is time to open competition in strategic sectors of Mexico, is essential to complement Pemex public investment to private investment and time to make Pemex a modern enterprise, competitive, of world class.”

Vazquez also remarked that in her presidency, she would focus on five goals and not in twenty objectives, which would be impossible to reach and when she was asked about his stance against the unions, Vazquez Mota said she is in favor of freedom of organization of workers and always will be on the side of their organizations. She also stated that as she won’t agree with organized crime, nor will to “corrupt chiefdoms” that must come to an end and only be in the history book


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