Street children in India

Date: May 18, 2012

By: Ananda Araujo Cerdan,Ibón Joung, Sara Setién, Eduardo Márquez and Virginia Mazón

   An estimate number of 17 million children spend their day lives on the streets in India.

These kids are all very young, without any reason of life. They spend every day begging, picking trash, sleeping in concrete culverts or at railway stations. Although some have homes in the slums but they still on the street during daylight.

It is usual and not strange to see not only a children but the whole family living on the sidewalks or longs queue of kids sleeping around the railway stations.

 “They don’t live, they survive”

Street children in India usually are homeless because reasons such as: family poverty, migration or others like when the kids have been abandoned, they are sent to an orphaned or the most common, the child runs away from their parents or host family. They don’t know what will happen tomorrow, will they eat? Will they get education? Will they have any medical treatment? Or will they have the lucky of not get infected? … These kids are at high risk of suffering addiction, illness or even abuse. Every single child alone in the street is especially vulnerable.

Poverty is the main reason or primacy cause of the street children dilemma. Poverty gives children uncountable problems, in order to survive a child will probably be forced to slavery, prostitution, begging, robbery, cheating… They may be unable to attend to school because their parents cannot afford the uniform and book fees or may send them to the streets to help raise money for the family to live on.

The appearance of these children deteriorates rapidly without access to sanitation or clean clothes. They work helping in tea stalls, cleaning shoes, in catering, as tourist guide kid… being exploited enough to survive. These, affects to the society appearance that gives to India an image of vagrants, drugs addicts and criminals, main reason of exclusion.

Everything can be reduced to a cycle. The loneliness, the inability to sleep well and escapism leads many young people with drug and this enforces the cycle. The lack of social identity causes for example not to open a bank account, which leads to the inability to save. This leads in turn to alcohol and drugs: better to spend the money after losing it when it gets stolen. And the cycles are repeated and repeated.

Fortunately, there are developing some organizations to help on this such as: Saathi. This is an NGO that devote their efforts to get these guys in the street. Saathi, unlike other organizations, does not offer shelter to the expectation that their children attend, they are social workers who take to the streets to find them. They earn their trust and help when someone needs medical attention or have trouble with the police. And others like, NICF (Namaste Indian Children’s found) which provide safe housing, a nurturing environment, and educational opportunities for the street children of India.

These children have their whole lives ahead. And except for their circumstances, they are no different from other kids of his same age. Some wasted the opportunities arise; others try not to see the bad things. But any of them, given the right circumstances, could become profitable and an adult to realize their aspirations. .

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