The last goodbye to Carlos Fuentes.

By Alejandro Gonzalez, Deborah Jeggli, Jaime Carro and Susana Andres 

Carlos Fuentes

Carlos Fuentes

Carlos Fuentes Macías a Mexican novelists and essayist, died the past 15th of May with 83 years old from a massive hemorrhage.

The New York Times described him as one of the best writers in the Spanish-speaking world. He was also really important in “El boom”, the explosion of Latin American literature in the 70’s.

He was probably the most important Mexican novelist.

He has been award for many literary honors as the “Miguel de Cervantes Prize” in 1987 and the “Belisario Dominguez Medal of honor” in 1999, Mexico’s highest award.

He is a really known candidate for the Nobel Prize for literature but he never won this award.

Fuentes main writings, narratives, essays and romans were talking about Mexico’s daily life and history. With the use of stylistic mediums he tried to point out the daily issues of the Mexican living. This is why he became so important and loved in Mexico.

He published his first narrative in 1954; it was called “Los dias enmascarados”. It became a best seller in Mexico. Also his first roman “La region mas transparente” became a best seller.

His most interesting and important work is the roman “Terra nostra” which was published in 1975. A further important work of Carlos Fuente might be the 1962 published novel “ La muerte de Artemio Cruz”, as well as his work “La frontera de cristal”, published in 1996 which it is a political short story.

Carlos Fuentes death leaves a void in the lives of many people, conquered many of its readers through its ecumenical vision of literature as a reflection of the turbulent history of our America overall, which, using the imagination, the writer should not only be a bold and adventurous chronicler, compelled to see everything and tell everything. Always taught throughout his life as a writer one incontestable ethical quality of youthful rebellion, never willing to shut up. His word as a constant exercise of freedom.

He was influenced by some other authors, philosophers and other intelectual, as Baltzac; but he has also influence new writers from all the parts of the world( Nicaragua, Paris, Chile..)
Although the flow of readers this well below Gabriel García Márquez and Mario Vargas Llosa for example, had great influence on the readers that read, especially between 40 and 50, and least among the young.

Fuentes received a state funeral on May 17th in the “Palacio de Bellas Artes” attended by the President Calderon.

His readers, family and friends will miss him as we can see already in their testimonies.

Mario Vargas Llosa, writer and Nobel Prize in Literature (2010) wrote; “With his parting disappears a writer whose work and whose presence has left a profound mark. His short-stories, novels and essays were primarily inspired by Mexico’s problems and history but he was a universal man.”

 Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico made his own goodbye by twitter; “I deeply lament the death of our beloved and admired Carlos Fuentes, a universal Mexican writer.”

Enrique Krauze, Mexican historian cited; “Author of lasting novels and short stories, a vigorous, enriching presence. I think the center of his literary creativity was language. The renovation of language.”

Jorge Volpi, Mexican writer sorry his death; “I’m terribly sorry for the death of Carlos Fuentes, Mexico’s greatest novelist, a generous friend.’’

Goodbye Fuentes.


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