twenty years of like in Spain

Elena Mur is an argentine dentist; she is fifty-four years old and she living in Spain for twenty years exercising her profession. Is very important to know the opinion of the argentine population due to recent events in Argentina. There are a lot of opinions and open debates about this issue and is so important to know the point of view of argentines that live outside their country, for example the case of Elena.

– Victoria Gerbaudo: Hello, good morning Elena. How long are you out of Argentina?

Elena Mur: Ok, good morning Vicky, I have been living outside Argentina twenty years, all of them in this country, Spain. Since 1992, I come here whit my boyfriend and more friends.

– Victoria Gerbaudo: Why you left your country?
Elena Mur: Because I was young and obviously I wanted to know places, travel and why not? Find new jobs opportunities. I had the opportunity to innovate, change my life and I did it. I don’t regret it.

– Victoria Gerbaudo: Why did you choose Spain? What was your view of Spain in that moment?

Elena Mur: Spain was a developed country, there was work, and especially for dentist, Spain put the thing easy to argentine people. Here was more easy the profession, there was more work for us and was easy enter the country. In that moment the diplomatic relations between the two countries were positive. And a very important factor was the language, is similar and this is important considering that I couldn’t speak English, for this reason my options were reduced.
– Victoria Gerbaudo: Does the vision you had of Spain has changed?

Elena Mur: The economic and social situation has changed, obviously in twenty years a lot of things change. But in that moment I liked Spain and now more.

– Victoria Gerbaudo: What are the differences between living in a European country like Spain and one South American country like Argentina?

Elena Mur: The biggest difference is in social classes, in Spain there are more equality between social classes. In Argentina exist a large gap and the difference is very evident, if you walk through the streets of Buenos Aires you can see this difference very easily. I have to admit that is very sad and shocking to see this in a country like Argentina, yes isn’t a European country but is evolving and growing in many areas although in some not so.

– Victoria Gerbaudo: What should happen to decide to return to Argentina?

Elena Mur: Firstly should change my personal situation, because now I have a family here and I can’t decide go and think only of my. And secondly my professional situation, because both are well now, they should change drastically.
I think that after so long wouldn’t be easy return. And your situation here should be very wrong to decide go away.

– Victoria Gerbaudo: About your country, what do you think about the economic evolution that Argentina had experimented in recent years?
Elena Mur: Argentina is a very variable country, in the last twenty years has experienced periods of high to low stability, but always with an unstable evolution.
Argentina haven’t got long periods of stability, remember “el corralito”, the nationalization of Repsol-YPF now a day…

– Victoria Gerbaudo: What do you think that is the reason for this evolution?

Elena Mur: The current president of government has much support from the population, although this may be questionable. Caring out this policy is easier to govern, and the government has been successful in the economic measures taken.
– Victoria Gerbaudo: Did the “corralito” affect the argentines that were outside Argentina?

Elena Mur: No, didn’t affect. But affected all our families, therefore we were not affected directly but many of us had to borrow money to our family. They had money but they couldn’t remove it the bank.
– Victoria Gerbaudo: Do you think Spain for their current situation may experience a “corralito”?

Elena Mur: Yes sure, if things don’t change. For example the current situation with Bankia now days, if you have money in this bank you certainly can’t take your money out of these. Thus began the “corralito” in Argentina, but Spain is a European country and it’s part of the European Union and for this reason I think that never will reach the extremes that were reached in Argentina.
– Victoria Gerbaudo: What do you think about the new decision of the president to nationalize YPF?

Elena Mur: I totally agree, surely many people surprised with this, probably the ways in whith Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner took decisions are not the most successful, but the action taken, in its essence is positive. Nationalize a company to become a state enterprise.

– Victoria Gerbaudo: How do think will this affect the country?
Elena Mur: I think positively, is possible short-term the situation will be difficult. For example these days a U.S senator is asking Argentina to be expelled from G-20, this is a consequence of the decision taken by Argentina. But in the long term will be positive for the country.
– Victoria Gerbaudo: How do you see Argentina society as to the insecurity that exists?
Elena Mur: I see it very badly, is something in which Argentina no evolved.

– Victoria Gerbaudo: Do you think that Argentina, despite the economic crisis, social and cultural level is growing?

Elena Mur: No, unfortunately the social and cultural level is limited to the upper classes. Thirty years ago Argentina was characterized by a highly educated middle class, with many university and young that triumphed worldwide. Education today is very bad and is limited to te upper classes.
This is the end of interview, thank you so much and thank for help my.


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